Othello Crop Dusters

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Retief, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Here I go out to Othello to shoot Burrowing Owls, and what do I find? Well, a DIFFERENT kind of bird, and one heck of lot easier to track and shoot :biggrin:

    I had the opportunity to speak with the folks who run this service, they were spraying funcigide for the Potato plants.


    I think the pilots saw me ....

    Up Close and Personal



    A Quick "Thumbs Up"

    Banking against a Nice Blue Sky:
  2. Cool shots, Bill! Love the bright yellow against the deep blue sky. 950mm?????
  3. Thanks, and you are seeing Nikon Mathematics at it's best.

    EVERYONE knows that 400mm * 1.7 (TC-17) = 950mm, don't they??????

    Because Nikon is such a wonderful company, they refuse to rechip the old 400mm f2.8 AFS-1 to report correctly with the TC-17, which was created well after the 400 AFS-1 version. For the life of me I can't figure out how they come up with 950 myself ...... but it does make folks ask questions now and again .... :biggrin:
  4. These things are fun to watch and I can only imagine even more fun to photograph. well done Bill
  5. Very cool shots Bill. Wish I would have been with you on this shoot. He must have been very close to you to see the thumbs up signal. But the crop dusters I've known have been a bit on the wild side, so it doesn't surprise me to see this guy try to put on a show for you.
  6. Thanks, Dave. Anyone who had been watching must have thought I was some kind of fool. Chasing down 1 and 2 lane farm roads trying to catch up to the planes in the distance, sometimes stopping and setting up in the middle of the road. Gee, just like when we are chasing LIVE birdies!!!!!!

    Thanks, Louie, this was a very pleasant surprise. None of these images are cropped, these are "as shot", and yes, they were fairly close. When I spoke to the owner of one of the companies, he said that often the pilots will see someone trying to photograph them, and they will just stay away. I got lucky with the first guy, and I think he passed the word on to the other pilots to look for me. It was "way cool", and that "Thumb's Up" was a great surprise.
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