Other interests?

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  1. One of my other interests (apart from photography, food and wine, sport.....) is watches. Another contributor on a watch forum asked for a photo of an older 2.5Hz movement shot this morning- I shot a couple of frames for her and thought that I would share one with you too


    This was a 1" exposure to show the movement of the second hand and was shot with my Nikkor 60/2.8 Micro.
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  2. I tell you, David, I would have a hard time living in Switzerland and walking by all those shops. :biggrin:!

    Excellent photo. And nice watch too!
  3. Nice!!!...............


  4. Thanks Ales and Ted. Ales- I hear people saying that the Sales Forum here on the Cafe is dangerous........... if only they looked at a watch sales forum :wink:
  5. I guess I've had a few hobbies lately; gardening, knitting, hypertufa (cement craft) and I guess I better includ feeding the birds judging from the poop. And they can all be viewed here in just one image....hmm how do you make the smilies work?