P&S under $200...best one?

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    What point and shoot camera do you recommend under $200? My friend wants a new camera for her birthday and they don't have the money for a dslr. I suggested a nikon cool pix. I have one I am mostly happy with...

    anyone have a better suggestion?

  2. I bought the Nikon S6 when I sold my D50 a while ago. I'm sure technology has progressed, but I wasn't impressed at all with the S6's performance.

    I'd look into any of their SD lines that fits your budget.

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    Just got off the phone with Canon Tech support. I called about an issue on my 3 year old Powershot S2-IS and was told about the Canon Loyalty program.

    This program allows you to replace your current Canon camera with a Canon refurbished product. The refurbished unit carries a 6 month warranty. The following models are currently offered:

    SD850 IS $150
    G9 $250
    EOS XT (with lens kit, same as this ) $275

    Taxes extra, shipping is $10 for 2-day delivery. You must return your old / defective camera (must be a Canon). Prepaid shipping label will be provided.

    Call Tech Support at 866-443-8002 or 800-828-4040 to get started.
    You will need the serial number of your current camera.