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  1. This is the first of many images that I captured in the Palouse region of eastern Washington. This is from the summit of Steptoe Butte near Colfax at sunrise.

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    D800, 500 VR

    Thanks for looking...
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  2. That's a beauty Glenn. The play of light and shadow is stunning.
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  3. Ann_JS


    Feb 18, 2015
    New York State

    THAT was definitely worth getting up early and seizing the moment for!
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  4. wembley


    Mar 26, 2006
    Naples, Fl

  5. Thanks Nick...especially coming from "Palouse"! It's a beautiful area.

  6. SteveK


    Mar 16, 2005
    Beautiful image Glenn!
  7. It is, just not today! You caught it at its most diverse time, green, golds, harvested and bare--and no smoke!
  8. Thanks Rick...the shadows really show early in the morning and just before sunset.
    Thanks Ann...I went to this location for two sunsets and one sunrise. The sunsets were mostly hazy--probably due to forest fires. The sunrise offered the most clarity.
    Thanks Louis
    Thank you, Wembley

  9. Thanks Steve...much appreciated!

  10. I've shot there for years, but never at sun rise :eek:  Not sure why, since I am a morning person (maybe something about having had a day job . . .)
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  11. 'Applause'!! emoji
  12. wow that's a great shot
  13. That is amazing, what a variety of color! (y)
  14. daveg


    Jul 14, 2008
    Patchwork Quilt - well seen!!

  15. What a classic Palouse shot! Beautiful!
  16. Well done Glenn. I have only been there once and we were a little early in the season as there was not much planted yet. We only did a late afternoon/evening shoot up there. Did you like morning better? Also wise to use the 500 as most of the shots I have seen are better when zoomed in rather than a wide shot.
  17. I tend to use my long glass for landscapes here. Wide glass misses the subtle details. Especially in late summer.
  18. Thank you, John
    Thanks Randy...nothing like the 500 for landscapes!
    Thanks Don...I suspect early summer would be even more colorful.
    Thanks Dave...this is one of those iconic locations that I was really looking forward to photographing.
    Thank you...I wasn't in the Palouse very long, so I definitely wanted to capture the scene from Steptoe Butte.
    Thanks James...I thought that the sunrise and sunset opportunities were about the same from the Steptoe Butte. The only difference is that during my stay, the smoke from forest fires brought a lot of haze into the scene at sunset. I'm not sure why, but the scene was much clearer in the morning.
    When I packed for this long road trip, I nearly left the 500 behind. I figured I wouldn't get much use out of it...and it's a bit of a hassle having it with me at all times. I have to worry about securing it--and it's in the trunk in places like downtown Los Angeles as well as in the extreme heat (Las Vegas in August), etc. I was told that the 70-200 would be sufficient for photographing the animals at the Triple D Ranch in Montana.

    In the end, I used the 500 quite often throughout the trip. It was by far my most used lens at Triple D...and it came in handy for some compressed landscapes and detailed architectural shots.

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