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  1. Here is a panorama i made:

    The original is about 9529x2473 big. It was shot with D2X and is made of 6 mutliple shots.


    Any comments, remarks or critique are welcome.

  2. Wow Vince, it's stunning to say the least. What a pano you have created here. Very impressive.
  3. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005
    Words can't describe what I'm feeling. I think this is one of the best panos I've seen. Did you use any stiching software for this, if so, which one.

    Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thank you for your kind reply
  5. Hi Patrick,

    Thank you for your reply. Yes i am not a happy user of Photoshop CS 2 with image stitching. So after good stitches with Panorama maker i found that it works perfectly but that you only can save a file in JPG is not what i wanted. So i looked for other panorama making programs. That let me use TIF files and then stitch them together and let me save the result to TIF.

    So i found 360 Panorama Professional. I downloaded the version and tried it out. And works good for what i wanted. You can put in the lens used for example 24mm. But i must put in the options that it finds the same spots on the highest level to get it to work good. It does the job for me but it is not total perfect. But at least i can open the resulting Tif file in Adobe Photoshop to crop it and edit it to my desires.

    The easiest program i find Panorama Maker from photovista. But the limited quality of JPG was in the version i owned a bit below my needs. But it does the best photostitching of all programs i know. So if they improve the quality of imput and output files then i will buy that new version right away.

    But for now i am experimenting with the 360 Panorama proffesional but that needs a bit more work and fine tuning the photo's.

    That is the url to the 360 Panorama trial downloads.

    And here the link to Photovista Panorama from IseeMedia i see they have new version so i am looking it they improved it to my needs!

  6. I like that, excellent. I have seen on TV a few years ago a program on photography that was showing a photographer using a panorama program that makes video images from his Nikon. The example given was of the interior of a car, he took a few pictures all around the inside of a car and the program stich together all those to give a very fine video. I don't remember which program he used.
  7. Thank you Gilles
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