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  1. I had the pleasure of shooting a rehearsal for Beijing Opera Troup this afternoon. The rehearsal was held in the darkest of chambers located in the basement of a decrepit building full of charm. Out of nearly 400 shots, though, the amount of keepers was rather low due to the slow shutter speeds, etc. Oh well. Them's the breaks. Here's a couple I though came out decent. I may post more, in color, later. This woman plays a heroine in a classic Chinese opera tale:


  2. Excellent images and good conversion Justin.
  3. Great stuff here, Justin. I really like the second shot. Nice comp and great "grain".

    How did you manage to get such a great photo opportunity?
  4. Neat shots Justin. Very cool opportunity.
  5. Top quality work Justin.............. excellent conversions.

  6. Appreciate the comments, folks. Thanks.

    Mitch - I had a local friend help me out by calling several places and asking if they allowed photography. I was told to come on by their rehearsel venue and to take as many shots as I felt like. I promised them some prints.
  7. BigPixel

    BigPixel Guest

    Nice shots.

    I love WA and off center subject placement but both of these might improve with slight crops to the long side. Just a personal preference. Would also eliminate the vignetting shoiwn in #2.
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