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Pelican Cases - replacement foam?

Discussion in 'Other Cool Gear, Camera Bags, Camera Straps' started by Argent, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Anyone know a good source for replacing the pick n pluck foam for Pelican cases? I've just found myself in possession of a 1600 case but need to replace the foam inside so that it'll fit my camera gear :) 

    I'm currently watching a couple auctions on ebay....
  2. After having a Peli with foam, I'd recommend replacing it with the padded dividers. I HATE the foam. Personal opinion, though. B&H sells both...
  3. Instead of the foam consider a set of padded dividers #1605
    The dividers are put together with velcro so it's easy to change as your equipment does.
    B&H has it for $99


    Also consider a lid organizer #1609


    If you want the Pick n Pluck foam it sells for $54

  4. I have been thinking of getting the dividers.
    Silly expensive in Canada though and shipping from B&H/Adorama etc. makes it pretty costly also.
    I should try to pick up a set when on business South of the border...
  5. wow yeah dividers are crazy expensive

    so much for this being a 'free' case hehe

    hmm at least you've given me some stuff to think about so far
  6. Sangetsu


    Apr 18, 2009
    The foam is easy enough to pick up at larger camera shops. With an older, cheaper case (back in my school days when money was more scarce) I made to with foam meant for seat cushions. Amazingly enough, the cushion foam seems to outlast the foam which is used in cases.
    I like the dividers as well, but they don't keep the items very stationary, and I've sometimes found that during traveling there can be enough motion for things like filter cases to come open.
  7. Mike S

    Mike S

    Apr 13, 2008
    Seattle, WA USA
    I have both the padded dividers and pick and pluck foam. For me and the way I travel, the dividers work best.
  8. I got my Pelican replacement from B&H.
  9. I have a Pelican 1500 case that came with PNP foam. After a few years I opted for the dividers and am wondering why I took so long to do it. They're much more versatile and hold my gear securely, though not as secure as the foam. I can also store more gear with the dividers. My $.02.
  10. gah - ok guess I'll look at the dividers - I'm starting to rethink this 'free' case hahaha
  11. Messiah Khan

    Messiah Khan Guest

  12. Dividers work for me! MUCH more versatile, much easier to adjust when a new lens comes along..... I use my Pelican cases at home strictly for storage of my lenses and they work out quite well for this purpose.
  13. Looks like an option for a production run, not a single case. Either way plan on spending $$$$$$$.
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