Pet Food Recall Pet Owners Please Read

Apr 30, 2005
Southern Cal
I know there are a number of pet owners here on the Cafe including myself.
I read about a large pet food recall announced by the FDA.

I myself have not heard of most of these brands but that doesn't mean others may have or may be currently using them.
Please review and take the necessary steps if needed.
BTW the recent threat that involved Blue Buffalo I have read was NOT true.
I was skeptical of the announcement as Blue Buffalo is a very safe and reputable brand IMO.

Mods I debated on whether to post this on Birds And Other Animals or General Discussion.
Please feel free to relocate this thread as needed.


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Apr 8, 2008
Rutledge, Tennessee
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Thanks for posting.

FWIW, our breeder strongly recommended TLC dog food and even gave a significant extended medical guarantee if we used it for the first year of Isaac's life. He is now 1 year old and we will switch to the TLC Adult food. He has never thrown up nor had bowel problems. A little more expensive than some brands, but he doesn't need supplements of any kind. We order it online and it is delivered usually within just a few days. That way it is always fresh. YMMV.......
Mar 20, 2017
Central Ohio
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Thanks for sharing this. Like Allan, our pups not indulging in the affected brands.

We have been using Whole Earth Farms for a while now on our older dogs, and we switched our new puppy over to their puppy formula shortly after getting her.
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