Pet: Our new cat.

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by Desmond, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. This is "Oprah" [she is very talkative].
    When we realised there was a cat sleeping under the tree in front of our house in the cold and wet I made her a shelter.


    She has just reached the stage where she comes up to greet me before I put the food out, instead of after I have gone inside again, and I managed to get one photo before the click of the camera made her run into the bush again for a while.

  2. You're a good man, Desmond! You get a purr...and You get a purr...and You get a purr!!!!!
  3. I got lots of purrs this morning when I went out and called to her, this time she allowed me to pick her up and hold her for a while - then she got stuck into another handful of cat food. However I fear that our friendship is going to get a little more distant in the near future. I went onto neighbourly to check the lost and found section and found this .....


    It will be good for her to get back to her owner [it's actually someone I know] who lives about 10 doors down from us - but how on earth could a cat get 'lost' in such a small area?
  4. jbird


    Jun 22, 2016
    Sugar Land, Texas
    Glad you can get her back to her owner.
  5. The other day he bought a D800 on an auction at a really good price but it had no batteries. He came around to see if I could help and my D7200 batteries fitted so he could try it out. At least I know the guy and know he would really look after the cat - and I suppose I can visit the cat too once it is back home :)
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