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Phil K in person!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Uncle Frank, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Phil K is visiting N. California, and Philippe Roger, Kemnik, and I met him for lunch today. Sadly, he didn't wear his Darth Vader helmet, but we recognized him anyway. As you'd expect, he had his d3 in hand.

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    Kurt countered with his new d200.

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    Philippe came directly from the office, and didn't have a camera, but it didn't seem to dampen his spirits.

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    We had a fine lunch, and if your ears were burning, it's because we talked about all of you :biggrin:. Other topics included wives, kids, lenses (we each own an 85/1.4), camera bodies (2 d3s and 2 d200s among us), and RAW vs. jpeg (3:1).

    We knew Phil was a fine gentleman, but it was great to confirm it by meeting him in person. Philippe had to leave early to get back to work, leaving Kurt and me to wish Phil a bon voyage.

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  2. TimK


    Apr 17, 2006
    Hong Kong, China
    Who paid for the lunch?
  3. Gary Mayo

    Gary Mayo Guest

    I say he is rather normal looking in typical street garb, but I still miss the hat!
  4. Thank you Frank, Philippe and Kurt. It's a wonderful lunch.
  5. Indeed, it was a wonderful lunch, Phil. We were very glad to meet you. We all had a great time, talking photography, Cafe gossip, and just plain having fun! Thanks all.

    And Phil, enjoy your time in California! :smile:
  6. That is neat that the four of you could get together Frank, thanks for sharing the images.
  7. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    Wow I wish a couple of us could do that down here in Texas.
  8. Mart61


    Dec 23, 2006
    Camberley, UK
    Looks like a grand day out was had by all!
  9. Nuteshack

    Nuteshack Guest

    i'm jealous ....;-)
  10. Hey Nute, you're only one state over... Come on down and we'll treat you to lunch too! :wink:
  11. I'm jealous too.....looks like I left Cali a week too early.... :( 
  12. Sounded like it was super fun. Do I have to own a 85mm /1.4 to join the club too? :) 
  13. Are you in your new home already?

    I'll bet Kansas has never seen the likes of you :wink:.
  14. We're here in Kansas, but the on-base housing offered to us was WAY BEYOND UNACCEPTABLE. (exposed wiring, fuzzy mold and mildew, smells of urine, and splintered wood floors were just the tip of the iceberg problem wise.) We're contacting a local property management company to help us find a rental..... and for now we're living in a hotel which is always fun with two small children who are already stir crazy...:rolleyes:  We're surviving though, and we'll be settled shortly I'm sure.

    (and YES, Kansas got a good dose of me during my unmarried life...I just hope no one remembers! LMBO!)
  15. Frank,
    Thanks so much for posting your wonderful photos of the get together. I wish I could have been there. I would even buy an 85 1.4 if it meant I could have lunch with you guys!!!
  16. Kemnik


    Aug 21, 2007
    San Jose, CA
    Shoot, I hope someone did!!? Just kidding.

    I agree!!

    Yeah you did!!!! We miss you!!!

    Well here are my simple shots and a few from about 45 minutes ago from my cab to the hotel. Just flew into New York for work. I'll be here all week and hope to visit B&H and take a bunch of pics too. And I guess I'll have to do some work too. :( 

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    View attachment 218285

    And a few from my trip to NYC.

    View attachment 218288

    View attachment 218294
  17. Terrific pictures, Kurt, and nice work on normalizing the mixed light. There might be something to RAW after all :cool: .
  18. Very nice to see all the faces. Sounds like fun (like I had at MI V)
  19. Why not?
  20. Pretty cool. Looks like you guys had a blast!!
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