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  1. I am interested in having a company develop a photobook of my recenet vacation and was looking for any recommendations for reputable companies that do this type of work.
  2. Check out Mpix. I did a photobook of my daughters this summer. They look great and lots of customization for each page. The prices are reasonable IMO.
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  4. Only problem I have with almost all software is that they offer all image templates with a 4x3 aspect ratio and not the 3x2 as used by a DSLR.

    I'm now creating some pages in PS CS3 and see what the results will be.
  5. I have done two books using Blurb and like the results.

    I started a long thread that several others here added to as they did their books. The Blurb software has improved significantly since I started the thread. Here is a link to it.

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    Texas! does a great job.
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    I have created books with both My Publisher and Shutterfly. My Publisher has better paper quality and photo books jackets, but limited templates and fonts. Shutterfly has better on-line viewing, more fonts and more templates. Try several and then order based upon which you like best.