Photo Opportunity in Baltimore this weekend

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  1. A friend and colleague of mine (Adam Scott Cook) has just come back from a study of European Architecture. He is having a huge exhibition of his work in downtown Baltimore this weekend entitled DECON/STRUCT/URED SEC/TIONS.

    The invitation reads as follows:

    “Adam Scott Cook is an artist who brings together sculpture, architecture and photography. In this installation, based on his travels and study of European architecture, he has created three-dimensional works that unite the different media. This exhibition is in partial fulfillment of Cook’s graduation with Department of Art Honors.”

    Adam works as a local architect, but also does sculpting and photography. He has pulled together photos from a month in Europe, modified them in various ways in post processing and combined them with his sculpture.

    There is a reception at the Bagby Furniture Building located at 509 South Exeter Street in Baltimore City (right in Little Italy). Reception will be from 6pm to 10pm this weekend May 12, 2007.

    There will also be an open house on Saturday, May 19th and Sunday May 20th if you miss this weekend.

    In speaking with Adam today, he is putting the final touches on his sculptures and having the largest of his photos (15’ x 20’) installed at the site today. He says all are welcome, and cameras are welcome as well. If you are interested, and something strikes your eye, his work is also for sale.

    I will be there with my family this weekend May 12th around 6:00pm if anyone wants to join me.
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