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Mar 28, 2008
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Need some advice. A local company has approached me about using one of my images in a book on natural landscaping. They've offered to give me full credit for the image. I have allowed several images to be used in local magazines and non-profit publications. I'm thinking there is a possibility this will get a little more exposure and I'm sure the book is intended to bring in some profit.

What is the general asking price for image usage in this situation? How would/should I go about negotiating a fair price for the usage? Can someone point me to a simple contract for something like this?


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Nov 14, 2005
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Photo credit does not pay the bills, it does not pay for your equipment and it rarely actually leads to paying work. It is doubtful that anyone is going to see the image in the book and decide they need to hire you. At the same time, our work does no good sitting unseen in our studio.
You did mention that the book is being published for profit. I would thus want something of actual value. I barter. I would place a "value" of $100-200. A couple copies of the book would satisfy me- I would give them away as gifts. Does the company have anything else you would want. $100-200 value has a cost to them of probably $50. I have done this several times, and everyone is happy. I personally would not let a for profit enterprise use my work for photo credit only.
Nice image by the way.

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Sep 13, 2007
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I would place a "value" of $100-200.
My thinking is that anything less isn't worth the time required to negotiate the price, send a written proposal-contract consistent with everything verbally agreed to, transmit the electronic file, answer the inevitable questions that come up, send the invoice, complete the client's forms required to get paid, and collect the money.

I was contacted years ago by an interior design firm about two photos to be printed, framed and hung by someone other than me. They had a budget of only $50 per photo, or so I was told, for me to supply the electronic file. The person I spoke with on the phone seemed reasonable, so I agreed though I explained that I really thought $50 per photo was too little. That was my way of implying that anything requiring even slightly more than what we had agreed to would cost more money. When she got the two files she realized she had made a mistake: one of the photos was sepia toned and she wanted it in black-and-white. So, I provided a third file and charged another $50. Her firm paid my bill in about 10 days, which was remarkably fast. Even so, I would never do it again for so little money.

Regardless, your photo deserves to be published.
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