Photographer photographed at Oregon Dam

Jul 21, 2007
You really have to laugh at the paranoia and the stupidity.

It's not as if there are no photographs of the dam anywhere (...)
I was almost inclined to agree with you but then I decided to actually read the article.

PSU terrorism expert Gary Perlstein agreed there was reason to be concerned, noting that the man was camouflaged and had to intentionally climbed over barbed wire fencing to reach the spot where he was seen on surveillance cameras.
Mind you, this is not the average amateur photographer taking pictures of the dam. Now of course this could be one photographer who just though “I don't care about the barbed wire, that is the spot I want to take pictures” and who just happened to wear camouflage gear.

But the article states clearly that it's the behavior that raises concern (wearing camo gear, crossing barbed fences), not the plain fact that the guy is taking pictures.
Feb 1, 2005
You really have to laugh at the paranoia and the stupidity.

It's not as if there are no photographs of the dam anywhere

Plus the fact that the use images of the dam in the report and show detailed views of the security arrangements in the released video.

You really couldn't make up this level of stupid.

I really don’t think the issue is about dam photographer (thanks for the google search link of pretty dam pictures), but more about a guy clearly entering a restricted area. Come on dressed in camo, climbing a razor wire fence in the middle of the night… I’m not staying this brain surgeon actual has any bad intentions, but he entered a property without authorization and did use some element of force. He should have to answer questions about just what the heck he was doing.
Nov 15, 2006
Upstate SC
Yeah, this is definitely NOT the typical "photographer harassed by cops" story. I did this sort of thing MANY times - when I was 13, 14, 15. Long before 9/11. Long before dams were listed as high value targets by extremist groups.

At best this guy is guilty of criminal trespass and needs to be held accountable. Stupid acts like this are WHY so many photogs get harassed in the first place!

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