Photographer's gift for the bride

Discussion in 'People' started by Uncle Frank, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. I'm honored whenever a bride entrusts me to gather her precious wedding memories, so I include a photographer's gift along with their proof set. I pick a few good shots of her and those closest to her, and create a montage. The layout is designed to fit into a frame that's sold at Michael's art supply stores. Here's a web recreation of the framed picture I gave to the Bengali Bride today.

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    What a beautiful bride - but her mother (I suppose that's who that is?) would be a wonderful subject to photograph - It looks like she might be a very wise individual...

    Great job - loved how you put all that together...

    Brad G...
  3. What a thoughtful thing to do Frank. Love your choice of pictures.
  4. Schlitz


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    Dave Talboys
    What a truly wonderful thing to do, Frank. Your pictures from this wedding are absolutely wonderful! I am sure the bride and groom (and all of your brides and grooms for that matter) are very appreciative of this thoughtful gesture. It costs so little to spread so much joy.
  5. Frank, great shots, and a wonderful idea. The color balance to all of them is spot on, and you get a sense for the entire wedding from that montage.
  6. Thanks, guys. It's really a small thing. I picked up a small stockpile of the frames when they were on sale and laid out a template. So it's just a matter of picking out a few shots, cropping them to fit, and printing the montage out on my home printer. It took less than a half hour and $10 worth of materials to delight the Bengali Bride.
  7. What a great montage, Frank! She must have been ecstatic. I had no idea you were doing this shoot this past week-end... I just saw the other thread: wow! You did really, really good, and without an assistant to boot. :wink::biggrin: Well done, my friend!
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    Nov 28, 2005
    Lovely Idea Frank, I bet she is over the moon!
  9. cbclark64


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    Awesome work, Frank. I love the range of emotions you selected.

  10. That's a gorgeous gift!!! Great job Frank. I'm sure the bride will be very happy with that!!
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