Share Photographing Ghosts and Spirits - anyone tried this?

Mar 7, 2011
One I did years ago when ghost hunting. Set my camera up for double exposure and had someone walk in front of me. Was done to prove to some woman in the group who said digital cameras cant do double exposures. Group is run by a friend. My main 'position' is security and try to keep him and a couple others (including the woman mentioned above) from doing illegal things like trespassing, damaging things.

Although its amazing some of the loonies that come out with us. Out of the number of 'psychics' than come out in the group, maybe 4-5 actually have abilities. We did have a demonic attack on one of the group at the place the photo attached was taken. She started screaming somethings grabbing her neck. Put a light on her and you could see the 3 huge welts develop. I had earbuds plugged into my voice recorder and heard a very deep drawn out demonic sounding "get out". You can hear it vaguely on the recorder but I heard it clear as a bell in the ear buds. I basically told everyone we are leaving the area.


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