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Mar 1, 2005
When metering for a "correct" exposure in manual mode (although I don't believe the mode makes a difference) I use the metering bar on the top of my camera. I point it to where I want to get a reading. I then adjust the shutter or aperature dial to reach a "correct exposure" which means (to me) that on the metering bar everything is at "0". Now say i want a -2/3 exposure. I turn my dial until the meter shows -2/3, which is going to the right on the meter bar 2 little lines before the first big line (sorry for all the technical lingo). If I wanted a +2/3 correction, I would go to the left of the 0, 2 little lines. Now, why is it when I choose ev comp, say .-.07 that it shows up on the meter scale as being on the positive adjustment side? and if i choose +0.7 it shows up on the negative side of the meter bar? What did I miss here? I'm sure this is a ridiculous question for just about everyone here, sorry.

Jan 25, 2005

Maybe I misread (or more likely misunderstood....;-)) your description, but my D2H doesn't do this. When I want (-) EV, it shows bars to the right side of the mid point (i.e. negative EV Comp), and when I set for (+) EV the indicator is to the left of the mid point, indicating positive EV comp.

BTW, I found out what the blinking bar means. I could get mine to do this if I have it in Manual mode, and have insufficient light per the meter. As I add light, the blinking stops. I think that this is just indicating that you don't have enough light to get a shot.

Hope this helps.

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