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Mar 31, 2007
Middle Tennessee
10 tips for mastering the iPad...

I have been doing some searching for Photography related apps for my Ipad.

As of Mar 14th, 2011, there are over 6000 (Six Thousand!)Apps in the Apple App store in the Photography Category.
There are over 2982 FREE ones!!!
And more being added every day! This will take a while to sort out...

The following are ones that have come up and suggested by others.

If you have and use one, or want to suggest one, send me a PM and I will include it here.
Be sure to include app store name, if different, and price.

Please send me a one or two sentence as a review...

Time Lapse Helper "Helps you to calculate the shooting time needed to create timelapse footage of a desired playback."
Free for iPhone/iPad.

FilterStormPro "Built with the needs of photojournalists in mind,
FSPro brings photo editing, IPTC metadata tagging, and image delivery to heights yet seen by a mobile device."
$14.99 for iPhone/iPad.

Xtrafolio... Really professional portfolio app, latest version, (V 1.1) is incredible!
A must have for photographer's and all creative types!!!
$12.99 for iPhone/iPad.

Note Taker HD Some have suggested as a very good alternative to be used with Model Releases and more.
$4.99 for iPhone/iPad.

Easy Release for signing Model Releases on the Ipad.
$9.99 for iPhone/iPad.

Skyfire if a great app.. It is a browser
that lets you see Flash video content.. So far it is great.. I also like the Facebook and twitter integration..
$4.99 for iPhone/iPad.

Best Album or Web Albums It works
great at organizing your photos into separate albums or folders, without copying or otherwise affecting what is in your Photo Gallery.
You can add comments, and if your file includes GPS data, it will link the photo to the iPad built in map function.
$2.99 for iPhone/iPad.

DSLR Camera remote HD requires tethering your camera to a computer. The iPad running this app then controls the camera via the computer.
The "onone" site.
$49.99 for iPhone/iPad.

Light Trac "Must Have" Tool for all outdoor photographers...
$4.99 for iPhone/iPad.

Massive Dev Chart Very useful development tool for photo lab work.
$7.99 for iPhone/iPad.

ND Timer Used for calculating the exposure for a 10 stop Neutral Density filter, with stacking options.
$0.99 for iPhone/iPad.

DOF Master Depth of Field calculator, various modes.
$1.99 for iPhone/iPad.

Eye-Fi Wirelessly upload photos & videos taken by your iPhone.
Free for iPad.

SoftBox Pro turns your iPad into a really cool softbox!
$2.99 for iPad.

Swankolab is a pre-digital era classic – the darkroom of yesterday.
$1.99 for iPhone/iPad.

Photo Light Meter measures reflected light, and allows reciprocity calculations. Free for iPad.

PadPort allows photographers, and other visual artists to assemble a digital portfolio
of their works and use the iPad as a new media presentation tool. $9.99 for iPad.

Photo-Sort for iPad Organize and name your photos and videos as you want,
directly on your iPad, and without needing to go through a computer. $1.99 for iPad.

Nikon Lenses The Nikon Lenses app is a guide to
Nikon's current lineup of F-Mount lenses used by both Nikon's
digital and film SLR cameras.
Free App, made for Ipod, but works on Ipad also.

Min-U-Guide for the D700
'Min-U Guide : Nikon D700 v2.1' plugs you straight into the menus
while providing quick and easy camera references for the
Nikon® D700 DSLR, with explanations and diagrams
covering nearly two hundred menus for camera controls and options."
$1.99 for iPhone/iPad.

Shuttersnitch, Wirelessly transfer images to your
iPad from your Eye-Fi card, Canon, Nikon or other file transmitter
that supports uploading to an FTP server over your
wireless network. $7.99 for iPhone/iPad.
Here is a link to the ShutterSnitch Forum.

The Photographer's Ephemeris looks like a useful app.
It's free for the desktop and $8.99 for iPhone/iPad.

Starwalk "Enjoy enhanced stargazing experience with
gyroscope on iPhone 4 and full iOS 4 support with multitasking!"
$2.99 for iPhone/iPad

Data Vault, a password manager which
allows restricted access to your data on the Ipad. $9.99 for iPhone/iPad.

EuroSmartz Print Central "Print to ALL printers.
Print direct to most WiFi/Wireless printers without additional software."
$9.99 for iPhone/iPad.

Blue SLR, Control your camera wirelessly with iPhone/iPad, etc.
App is free for iPhone/iPad, but requires hardware $149.99.

Camerabag $2.99 for iPad.
ColorSplash $0.99 for iPhone/iPad.
DoF Calc $1.99 for iPhone/iPad.
PhotoForge $2.99 for iPhone/iPad.
Photogene $3.99 for iPad.
PhotoPad FREE for iPad.
PS Express FREE for iPhone/iPad.
Blue Cam Remote Control Camera with Live Camera Preview+Audio+Location Streaming over Bluetooth.$1.99 for iPad.
Guardian Eywitness showcases the world’s most distinctive and provocative photographs Free for iPad.

Straight device, NOT JailBroken
Carbonfin outliner. Excellent for checklists-procedures on computers, photography, etc. Syncs over the internet automatically wirelessly. $4.99 for iPhone/iPad.
Informant calendar- Got this from MarkB. Syncs wirelessly over the internet where the Mac Calendar kept failing syncs (common problem I hear) $12.99 for iPhone/iPad.
Goodreader - Super reading software which can reformat pdf files and change fonts and scroll automatically at any speed. $2.99 for iPhone/iPad.
Data Vault - Syncs wi-fi with my Mac/IPAD/iPhone. Has encrypted passwords for everything from web sites to credit cards available at my finger tips. $9.99 for iPhone/iPad.
Epson Print - FREE wi-fi printer app.
Google earth - FREE for iPhone/iPad.
Maps - can find any location and quickest route to it based on my current location. Great for walking since it doesn't give GPS-like voice commands. Pre-installed on iPad.
App Store - of course!

Jailbroken Devices - I've seen many folks ask why do it. Here is why
Limera1n - provides a jailbreak and creates a 'Cydia' app/icon which connects to their app site.
iFile - iPhone/IPAD file manager which reveals the devices file structure and files. With this you stick a SD/CF card into your device's camera connector and it shows the files (images) which I can copy to the IPAD and then write to a backup SD card (no point using backup CF since SDs are smaller.
Backgrounder - Permits multitasking on pre 4.2.1 devices. I can start Live365 and then the iPhone goes on standby but still plays or permits me to copy some text and get back to an open email draft to paste it
MiWi - Turns the iPhone into a wireless tether for a non-3G IPAD. Since I have unlimited internet for my iPhone why pay another monthly fee for the IPAD? It is very fast too!
Wi-Fi Sync - Enable me to sync my devices wirelessly to iTunes. No need for cables.

PhotoBuddy $1.99 (US) for iPhone/iPad.-£1.19 (UK)
* calculates DOF, hyperfocal in graphical fashion.
* Sharpness for print reproduction.
* HDR exposure calculator
* Angle of view
* Flash control
* Bulb countdown timer
* Moon phase
* Bellows correction

PhotoCalc $2.99 (US) for iPhone/iPad.-£1.79 (UK)
* Exposure Reciprocation calculator
* Depth of Field (DoF) and Hyper-focal Distance calculator
* Flash Exposure calculator
* Integrated version of Sunrise, a sunrise/sunset/solar noon calculator
* Reference section with glossary, and reference documents
* Configurable to English or Metric units
* Configurable to use half or third stops
* Comprehensive camera database for Depth of Field calculations including 35mm roll film and large format
* Saves position, so it’s easy to switch in and out
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A great, really great app for the iPad is Guardian. It displays daily photos from around the world. And the photos are incredible.

It's not a app you use for your photos. Sorry if this should not be posted here.


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Feb 8, 2007
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Wow! Thanks for taking the time to post this thread, Dan'l. This is a trove of great information. My only addition to the list right now is Blue Cam. PM on the way to you.
Nov 14, 2009
Olive Branch
Just a note, but there is no camera on the iPad yet, so Pocket Light Meter won't work until iPad 2. Same for any of the apps or their specific functionality that requires the camera.
It will be interesting to see if Apple includes a front-facing camera (primarily for FaceTime) AND a rear-facing camera (for other photography)..... Personally, I don't really care one way or the other since I don't do FaceTime anyway and it just seems awkward to hold up the iPad to take a shot -- it's not the same at all as handling a real camera or the iPhone!

ETA: 03/14/11: Last night I finally remembered to experiment with the two new cameras on the iPad 2. As I had figured, it is awkward to hold up the iPad while taking a shot. Yep, neither camera is exactly stellar, neither is like the D3 by a long shot! They'll do for FaceTime and Skype but that's the extent of it. I will say, though, that Photobooth is fun with the iPad, more so than on the laptops!
Mar 31, 2007
Middle Tennessee
HI All! Thx for all the interest in this thread!

I have been playing with two photo folio apps lately...

1.) StP: Stash for very secure multi level image protection...

2.) xTRAfOLIO: customizable app that I am still looking into.
The lite version brought up a couple of minor issues and I wrote
the developer about. He responded quickly and suggested that
my ideas will most likely be covered in the next version, due to
be ready on iTunes in a couple of weeks.

Full reviews as soon as I can get them finished!

Cya L8R!!!!
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Mar 31, 2007
Middle Tennessee
Added a few more to the growing list...

@Martyoof, can you find a link, or another name perhaps? Still looking for this one.

Thx everybody!!!!
Oct 16, 2007
Glens Falls, NY
Just discovered an app called Best Album. It works great at organizing your photos into separate albums or folders, without copying or otherwise affecting what is in your Photo Gallery. You can add comments, and if your file includes GPS data, it will link the photo to the iPad built in map function.

Four bucks.

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