Photography makes me appreciate my eyes

Jul 6, 2009
Worcester, UK
Being pretty new to photography, one of the side effects it has produced is that it has made me realise just how amazing and adaptable our own eyes are.

Beyond the differences between bright, cloudy, dusk, night etc, the camera meter has shown just how much more varied light conditions are than my eyes seem to tell me. It's pretty obvious, but it's just something I'd never really thought about - of course my pupils are expanding or contracting to attempt to keep a decent and comfortable level of light, but as an automatic reaction it's not something I'd ever particularly noticed. Constant fiddling with the dials when the light doesn't appear to have changed all that much brings home the amount of compensation our eyes make for us.

Nothing new here I'm sure for anyone, but I still felt like sharing my newfound appreciation of eyes :biggrin:
Apr 25, 2009
Kitchener, ON
I hadn't thought of it quite that way, but I do notice I'm paying attention to clouds, and colour variations a lot more now. For clouds, I'm always checking to see if there are any blown highlites!


You see things that others don't see. Or maybe it's the drugs. :wink:
Feb 17, 2008
Portland, Oregon
11:30 AM last Friday - odd spot in right eye vision where there was no vision
5:30 PM last Friday - checked into hospital for detached retina repair by a retina specialist I had never met before Friday
For 2 weeks - face parallel to the floor, looking straight down 75% of the time

Yup, new appreciation for seeing anything other than carpet, vinyl floor, and my shirt. Everything above the waist is very sore trying to support my head. Includes my forehead when I rest it on something. I have my LCD laying on the floor so I can still surf the cafe. The best part is my wife is taking very good care of me and we are even getting along! Life is good...
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