Photos from Pratt City Alabama

Feb 1, 2006
Birmingham, Alabama.
Well its been a couple of days since the storm ripped through our neck of the woods. I have lived in Pratt City for over 17 years and its just not recognizable anymore.
The path was just under two miles from my house yet our garbage can never turned over. My wife and I are truly blessed.
I decided to go out and photograph what I could. What I first saw was just sadness. I Snapped off a few frames keeping my distance so as not offend anybody. After a while I realized these people wanted this disaster documented. They were very friendly and really talkative. I met some very brave souls and some very kind souls. There were also a lot of looters. All in all, the good far outweighed the bad.
Yesterday I went with a liaison from a local Catholic church. She was assigned to a small community that didn't make the headlines.
The local police chief hadn't slept since the storms and was still going. He couldn't have been 30 years old. His deputy was guarding the entrance to where the most severe damage had occurred. When asked what he needed, he replied "there's just not enough of us". These kids were way in over there heads.
I only was able to post eight pictures as I was without power and had to rely on my studio lighting battery pack. DSL was up so I just plugged in the modem and router.
We had planned a vacation in Pensacola and so here I am, sitting on a balcony light years away from the whole mess.
I'm gonna try and get more pics posted since there seems to be a decent connection.
If there is any way anyone can help, just do it.
May 18, 2005
Western Slope of Colorado
Sysyphus -

All of the devastation in Alabama and elsewhere from this outbreak is tragic and heart-breaking.

The Café's owners and their family live in Huntsville which, as you know, was hit very hard.

Up here in Kansas, colleagues in my department have multiple collaborations with scientists (friends) at the University of Alabama campuses in both Tuscaloosa and Birmingham.

I've chosen to forward something to the US Red Cross.

Thanks for sharing your photos, and know that so many people are trying to help.
Dec 29, 2008
Thanks for sharing. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Alabama. My father in-law lives in Birmingham. Luckily all is well with him. Hopefully it wont take to long for some normalcy to return to peoples lives in these affected areas.
Jan 29, 2009
truro cornwall uk
Life has never been kind and there are alway the scumbag's who try to take advantage of others misfortune,the law of the jungle should prevail looters should be shot on sight.

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