Photoshop Issue (Save as JPEG)

Oct 17, 2007
Orland Park, Illinois
I just tired it on my IMac running Big Sur (installed last night). Save as JPEG in PS seems to work like it always has.
I almost always process in 16 bits, so it doesn't work for me like it did before. If I convert to 8 bits, then I can proceed as before--but that's an extra step (converting to 8 bits before saving each image). Instead, the Save a Copy will serve my purposes without too much disruption to my long-term workflow.

Dec 3, 2012
Sandpoint, Idaho
Apple didn’t “change” the API, they removed it. Minor rant time not related to PS save - I’m getting less comfortable with the direction Apple is taking with their SW. I’ve stuck with Apple thru the years because of their Photos app and that it was easy to use the bash shell with MacOS. This winter I got tired of dealing with Photos oddities (oddities is being kind, that app is a real POS) and moved and organized all my photos using Google Photos. This was a time consuming project but I’ve found it to be a very easy to use system for photos. Apple also demoted bash, apparently they want people to use zsh now. I found a work around for this. I’ll admit I don’t know why Apple makes these changes, I used to have a friend working on the MacOS team I could ask, but he moved on to Google.
With my photos at Google, I’m free to make OS decisions that don’t involve Apple and I’m casually looking around at alternatives.


Apr 26, 2008
Up in the hills, Gloucestershire, UK
I know the change to have to use Save a Copy instead of Save As takes a moment to get used to, but I quite like it. It always seemed wrong - though convenient - that I could save a flattened JPG using Save As, when the full layered file was not being saved. New users may even have lost their layered files due to confusion over this.

I'm also pleased that although the change was driven by Apple removing some functionality from macOS, Adobe has made the identical change for Windows users. It is really important that they continue to maintain identical function across both platforms.

Here is an interesting issue (or bug) which has been around for years, is still there, and is closely related. Try this:
1. Open a JPG in Photoshop.
2. Filter/Lens correction/Custom tab - change the vertical perspective and then click OK.
3. Note that you still have just one layer, as you would expect.
4. Try saving the JPG using either File/Save or File/Save As - you will find you cannot save the file as a JPG!

The standard workaround is to flatten the flat one layer image into a flat one layer image, using Layer/Flatten Image. Now you can Save or Save As a JPG, it will work as expected.
So the new Save a Copy command provides an immediate solution, no longer any need to flatten what is already flat.

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