Photoshop version questions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by yahtzee, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. I purchased PS 5.0 Academic version a few years back and also received PS 7.0 about 2 yrs ago as a gift. Adobe has me on file for my 5.0 version but say that they cant locate the registration info for my 7.0 version. This is irritating because now I must upgrade to CS2 from 5.0 ($159) and then upgrade to CS3 from CS2 ($199) when I should have just been able to use my info from 7.0 (which they cant locate) to go straight to CS3.

    PS - I run Vista so CS2 isn't compatible with that, only CS3 is.

  2. If you are running PS 7 now can you re-register it? Maybe you didn't register it when you upgraded to 7 from 5. Then once you have registered 7 then can you step up to CS3 as you are trying? If you have registered it maybe try re-registering it.
  3. I tried calling them back to voice my concern for their systems and records and apparently my parents unknowingly bought a pirated version of PS online for my gift. The lady was extremely nice and actually only made me pay the CS2 upgrade price and then gave me CS3 for $5 + shipping. Very nice gesture.