Photovan does Coromandel , New Zealand

Discussion in 'Wanderlust and Travel' started by Desmond, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. I just got back from another tour in my photovan , Last week I toured Northland and yesterday I started my 650km round trip up the smaller ''horn'' of the north island . I'll post one picture at a time to limit the size of the pages .

    The weather was pretty dismal to start with and I wondered if I had made the right decision to keep on going - my first stop was at Thames shopping centre .....

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  2. I went into the McDonalds :eek: [ no I don't eat their burgers ] , and had some breakfast .

  3. There's always an interesting old building along the way ....

  4. Then the road starts to hug the coastline most of the way

  5. And there are many rock formations in the sea along the way

  6. The weather was still looking rather dismal as I headed towards Coromandel town

  7. There are plenty of smaller bays and towns along the way ....

  8. Just be sure to apply your parking brake when you stop to take pictures

  9. The road eventally becomes gravel

  10. And still cuts through many small bays and beaches

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  11. Then Port Jackson appears around the corner - my planned destination

  12. Layers upon layers of people , tents and caravans - this would definitely not be where I stay for the night

  13. So I checked the map - there was another 7km more of road before it all ended so I kept heading for Fletchers bay

  14. There were a few small river crossings preceded by these signs .....


    See the 'Holden' added in ? [ Chevrolet/Opel , I think it's the same thing ] . There is a lot of competition between the two cars because of the races they hold in Australia but anyway as I came around the corner there was a Ford van chugging along - I had to go extra slow for a while until he pulled over and I could resume 'normal' speed .
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  15. ok , I stayed at Fletchers bay because there was more space and my ankle is 50% recovered since falling off a rock photographing a wedding 10 days ago so I hobbled up the track leading to some more bays that can only be reached on foot .....

  16. And then the clouds started to part and sunshine and blue skies appeared ....

  17. I think the scenery is better here than at the top of Northland

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