Piano pianissimo...

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  1. And final set... got these shots between the piano "body" and the part that the books rest on... the light comes in, and if you hold something (piano music, say) at the other end, it will create a natural prism effect, similar to a, oh, what do you call those things you put your eye to it and turn it and see all the colors and shapes reflected in patterns??? Pulling a blank here!!! :rolleyes: Anyways, that was the effect of this... choice: Color, or B&W for this one???


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    Thanks for helping me out with these!
  2. a kaleidoscope?

    Personally, I like the color because it's more warm and inviting and interesting to my eye. The B&W is very stiff and almost harsh.
  3. Thank you... I agree about the color, but we wanted to see about the B&W as well. All the rest of the pics will be in color, so it makes more sense... kaleidoscope!!! Duh! Thanks! :smile: