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Critique Piano Trio -- TAKE 2

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by Mike Buckley, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. I made a trio of photos of my piano keyboard two months ago, which can be viewed at Critique - Piano Trio, and finally got around to following up with a second trio of photos. My hands are in all of these photos, which required using a sound-activated remote shutter release in the first two photos.

    As a nod in the first photo to one of my favorite composers, I am playing the first chord of Richard Wagner's opera, Tristan and Isolde, which he completed in 1879. Though that chord had been written by many master composers long before Wagner wrote it, none had written it in the context that Wagner used it, which was to set up a series of chromatic tones that defied a sense of tonality. Use of that chord in that context was such an innovation that it is famously called the "Tristan chord."

    Mike 2018-07-13--004-S.jpg
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    Mike 2018-07-13--019-S.jpg
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    Mike 2018-07-13--020-S.jpg
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    Last edited: Jul 15, 2018
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  2. Like the first two and the backstory (of course - your stories are as good as your photography), but not too sure what you were aiming for in the third one?
  3. Great b&w set, Mike!

    I especially like the 1st one!
    Excellent composition and perfect image for piano playing.

    In the 2nd one, I think the motion blur is a bit too much for me.
    Somehow it doesn't show speed.

    3rd one would, I think, be more to my liking with more depth of field.
    That way, it would be a great image of a hand playing the piano.
  4. Thank you to Bill and Bart!

    Bill: My only intention pertaining to the third photo was to provide a bit of a unique perspective, something that is not traditional that I think has merit.

    Bart: I wasn't trying to imply speed in the blur of the second photo, though I realize speed is a relative concept that means different things to different people. Instead, I just wanted to imply motion. In the images that had less blur, the image looked too much like the hands were out of focus, so I ended up selecting this one that has more blur. I also wonder if I might like the effect better of using a flash unit and dragging the shutter so, unlike this photo, part of the hands are completely stopped.

    As for the depth of field in the third photo, it's just a matter of choice that I decided upon this depth of field. For me, the small depth of field draws the viewer's eye to the only finger that is depressing the key.
  5. Ah, that makes sense. Could almost say that knowing that is the key to appreciating the image ...
  6. How did I miss these? Very nice set of 3. The second one is wonderful and every time I look at I hear piano music! (Not Wagner, but something light and summery--Chopin perhaps .. .)
    Very nicely conceived and photographed. And of course, B$W is perfect for a piano!
  7. Thanks, Nick!

    For the record, not a single recognizable note was played while making that photo. Sorry about that bad news. On the other hand, if you ever heard me play the piano, especially this one that hasn't been tuned in years, you would be grateful.
  8. Well, OK. So your photographic skills and creativity far outshine your musical prowess!

    For the record, and in the spirit of complete transparency, while I love to listen to music of many genres, I cannot pay a single note, and my family has banned me from ever singing in public in their presence :eek: :p 
  9. I can relate to that, Nick. My wife, who was on the A-list for decades of sopranos paid to sing in small choirs, rightly forbids me to sing in her presence. The most she allows is singing in the shower with the bathroom door closed. Even then she walks by the door and asks if it's a foghorn that she's hearing.
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  10. The first one for me!
  11. #1 for me too Mike. Your flash idea for the second image might work fine and IMO it is worth trying.
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