[Pic added] Another not so underground train station of Berlin

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  1. This one is located in a nearby park and serves both as an underground train station as well as a bridge. Image me sitting on the steps leading to a big plateau with a water fountain on it, with roughly 15 people playing boules while I was taking this picture.



    EDIT: I added another picture from the opposite site, see below.
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  2. Would be a shame to put this underground!

    I like the mellow mood. Was this one exposure or some DRI?
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Pretty shot
  4. I was as well amazed by the mood one evening earlier and luckily the weather was nice also on friday so I took the opportunity to capture it.
    3 exposures, one for the foreground and trees, one for the station and the sky, and one for the highlights. The middle exposure was processed twice as I needed different WB for the sky and the station.

    Thanks, Gale.
  5. Update: Picture added

    And this is the view from the opposite site. That yellow blur inside is an train leaving the station.


    The timing was perfect as only seconds later all those ducks left the pond and flew towards me :)eek:), then decided to better fly right above me.
  6. very nice. the best train station i have ever seen. db
  7. Thanks, David :smile:
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