Picasa and NEF bad match?

Aug 11, 2008
Hi. First post. Apologies if this has been covered, I tried a search but couldn't find anything that really answered my questions...

I like Picasa mostly for one thing: the web albums.
I select the pictures I want to publish, click a button, and off they go. I've trained my old parents to click 'slideshow' and they get it.
So I'd like to continue using Picasa to share my pictures.

However, Picasa doesn't seem to understand the NEF format. The pictures are dull and grey and have completely lost their feel.
If I convert to JPG first they're fine, but is there a way to skip that seemingly unnecessary step?

For my own viewing pleasure I can use ViewNX, of course, but this is about sharing.

So I guess this is a two-part question:

1. Does Picasa really screw up the NEF files as badly as I think?


2. If so, how do you guys get around it?

I've decided to use ViewNX to view and CaptureNX to edit (if I can convince anyone to actually sell it to me - I think I'll start a new thread for that particular problem...), and convert to JPG to publish to web albums in Picasa.

But I'd love a way to skip the converting step, to save both time and HD space (I don't really need the redundant JPGs myself...).

So how about it? Any tools that can take NEF files and put them on the web so my (scattered) family can see them, that doesn't get the colours all wrong?
I signed up for Nikon's Picturetown, but a) it took forever to upload and b) it won't share NEF files anyway... Flickr doesn't take NEF, so that's out...

Perhaps I just need to downlaod some plugin or codec or something?

Here's a link to a few pictures that I've uploaded from Picasa twice - once as NEF and the other as JPG. Note that I've used ViewNX to convert some, the camera for one, my brother used PS for his... And also note that thie Picasa colour problem isn't just when I post to the net, it dulls the pics when I view them, too.

Link: http://picasaweb.google.com/hovmod/NEFDemo

Sorry for the awkward post. It's a multi-part problem with some answers built in... :D

Thanks in advance.


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