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Picking My D200 Up TOMORROW!

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by AFS, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: OH YEAH!
    The big day is coming.
    As National Nikon Day's school portion comes to a close, I have just made a very pleasing phone call.
    It seems that my position on The List at Miami's premier pro photo supply store, Pitman Photo, is #5, instead of 6, and I'm GUARANTEED a camera....TOMORROW!!!
    They're coming in and they said they will call me the minute they are unloaded from the truck- i'll zoom by and pick it up then (thankfully, no school tomorrow!)
    Unfortunately it seems they won't be getting the spare batts, mag eyepiece, or vertical grip in tomorrow, but they'll call me as soon as they're in.
    The minute I get the call, i'll have to cancel my order with Adorama, but i'm keeping that on standby in the event that something goes wrong at Pitman- Adorama said today i'd be one of the first to get it when they get it in. I figure that I may as well let one person who would have had to wait get their chance :smile:
    I'm all smiles today!
  2. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005
    Congratulations Harrison,

    Sounds like an intelligent plan. Who knows when Adorama will get theirs in. Good idea to maintain that backup for now.
  3. Hello Harrison, Did you get a call from Pitman yet. I'm still waiting #8 on the list. let me know as soon as they do call you .
  4. If there is one person on the face of this planet MORE excited to get this camera, I would be shocked!

    This should make for another good read :smile:

  5. Yay congrats!!
  6. espn


    Dec 11, 2005
    Now to cross fingers and wait for Singapore to have their stocks shipped soon to the stores.

    I heard Singapore would be releasing the cameras only on the 19th (GMT+8). Going to be a long wait. :( 
  7. Update:
    Adorama called me pretty late this afternoon saying they had a camera for me, but even with the fastest shipping it wouldn't arrive in time for when I need it, since I leave early saturday morning for my sister's home in Ohio. I'd rather go pick it up myself, have it in my hands all day, get to know it, and maybe pick up a few extras at the store while i'm at it :biggrin:
    So, I canceled my order there, with profuse thanks for their help. If I ever buy another D200 for backup or another body, I'll be buying from them. They were most helpful. Now some other lucky photographer gets their D200 earlier than they might have otherwise.
    I'll have the write-up in stages tomorrow. Stage 1 will be wake up and anticipation and preparation. Stage 2 will be "The Call". Stage 3 will be pickup and first impressions, and Stage 4 will be after shooting for a while.
    Hopefully, this write up will be as well-received as the last one. I'll do my best.
    Raul, I didn't get a call but I called on my own around 3-ish. They said they'll definitely have enough to take care of me. I expect you'll get the call tomorrow, too.
    Keep an eye out for me...they're calling me the minute they unload from the truck and I expect to be there within 30 minutes of the call hopefully, worst case 1.5 hours.
    Now if I could just get rid of this darn cold....I've been basically sick since thanksgiving. First it was whatever my dad brought back from London. Then it was better mostly, just some sinus congestion. Now, i'm dealing with bronchial spasms and an absolutely frightening cough brought on probably by the cold weather. Had this back in January at first...I'm on Advair, a levalbuterol nebulizer, and keeping my fast-acting inhaler close at hand. Taking Zyrtec-D for the congestion, and probably some robitussin for the cough too.
    I think camera shake will be my enemy tomorrow :smile:
    Well, I'm bringing out the checklist and looking forward to charging $1600 to my credit card tomorrow :biggrin:
    Will keep you all posted as it happens.
    Best regards,
    The D200's #1 fan since it was the engineer's weekend project.
  8. The Big Day is HERE!

    :Shocked: I Just Got THE CALL:biggrin:

    I now begin my narrative...
    I've been sitting all day, not feeling so great. I woke up at around 8AM...I wanted to be ready in case they called me before they opened. I think I would have had butterflies in my stomach had my abs not been in excruciating pain from all the coughing i've been doing for the past few days.
    I tried to pass the time constructively...I took a hot bath to try and relax the muscles...played some videogames, watched some Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
    I never dared to stray into a portion of the house without perfect cell phone coverage.
    While I was playing the games, My phone, resting on the other side of the room, trilled its default ringer. I jumped...my heart rose into my throat... I approached..
    It was my mother :frown:
    I talked to her, no new info, nothing yet. She was passing off duty for emergency take-to-store driving. The ball was now in the hands of either my father or grandmother.
    So I sat back down, crestfallen, and reluctantly picked up the controller. I remarked at how uncomfortable it was and how i'd love some command dials on it.
    I finally tired of it around noon. I took some more medications, grabbed a stick-on air activated heating pad and placed it on my sore muscles, and tried to concentrate on Star Trek.
    I was actually succeeding when the roaming ringer suddenly sounded on my phone. This time I wasn't too excited.
    Until I saw the Caller ID: Pitman Photo
    I grabbed for the phone and answered as soon as it was in hand.
    Hello, Harrison?
    Yeeessss! (anticipation flooded my voice)
    Just calling to let you know the D200 is here!
    YES! I'll be there As SOON as I can
    Alright, see you then. Thank you.
    Thank you so much!"
    And the line went dead.
    I nearly had a heart attack.
    Then my brain shifted into overdrive.
    I had to get there
    I started to call my father. After several rings no answer. He must still be at his mother's place.
    Then my other grandmother just happened to call the house at that instant. Luck? Fate?
    I told her lunch could wait, my camera was at pitman and we had to get there!
    She said she'd be here in 10 minutes.
    And so i'm now getting ready, after this my computer shuts down and gets packed up. Today is the day i've been waiting for for what seems an eternity.
    And Now...I get to transform a dream into reality.
    Wish me luck!
  9. Good luck Harrison. Can't wait to see some pictures from the D200. Post ASAP.
  10. Ibn


    Jun 28, 2005
    San Jose, CA
    Dang, I can feel the anxiety from ya just from reading that, haha. Have fun with that camera and post some pics up!
  11. Good luck Harrison. Your narrative is so gripping, can't wait for the next installment...
  12. D200 Wars: Episode III- The Nikon Strikes Back!

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I Give You...
    :eek:  :eek:  :eek:  The Nikon D200!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    As of 13:32:50 Eastern Time on December 16th, 2005, I am the proud owner of a shiny new Nikon D200 Serial No. 3001810. This s/n will be a part of my narrative.
    It is taking me a long time to write this- i'm pretty tired and i'm simultaneously editing the pics for this and uploading them and backing up my new photos and setting up the camera..but i'm leaving on a trip tomorrow afternoon and I want to get you all informed.

    Begin Part III of Narrative...
    The call had come. It was panic time. After I posted my previous post on the call, I immediately shut down my computer and packed it up in my camera bag. Everything I had with me came- flash, charger, D70, F3, 17-35, 70-200 VR, 28/3.5 AI and 50/1.4 AIS. With the laptop, card reader, and most importantly my wallet ready, it was time to get properly dressed.
    And for the second time since the camera of cameras hit America, I left my humble abode wearing the colors of that company which has so captured my soul. I wore a Nikon Yellow-gold-colored shirt.
    Of course, the ten minutes my Grandmother promised as is usual for my family turned into 45 minutes. The truth is it gave me more time to get ready and double check everything. My mind was racing at full speed. I dared not make a single mistake or my day could be ruined.
    After quintuple checking my kit and supplies, I moved them to next to the door. There were 3 things: the camera/laptop bag, crammed full of gear, my book which I have not touched all day, and lastly my Cunard line leather notepad holder, with my 5-page legal sized checklist.
    After calling my poor grandmother, also sick, to badger her to hurry up, I sat down. I decided to get my D70 ready to shoot, to immortalize the arrival of my D200.
    Thankfully for me, not so thankfully for my credit card, I realized I only wanted to shoot RAW and I only happened to have my 1 gig card with me...and 1 gig can seem awful small with a 10.2 megapixel camera... and with my next largest card being a 256...
    I formatted the card in my D70, and prepped it with the 17-35 and SB-600. It may well have been the last time it gets prepped as my primary for a while, until I get it IR-converted. A sort of last hurrah for my D70 as it is now, which is less than 200 clicks from the big 20,000. A sad moment, perhaps, tempering the excitement of the day. My old friend, by my side day after day through everything from power outages to birthdays, my first photography job to my first football game, through an actual hurricane both inside and out in the hazards of the wind and rain, and through the aftermath of three, happy days, sad days, friendships formed, friendships lost, love discovered, love shattered, angry parents, angry teachers, good grades and bad, computer crashes, illnesses, my father's wedding, my sister's pregnancy, the friend I could always count on to keep me company, to make me smile, and to never fail me. The catalyst and the hammer by which I was forged from a kid with a Coolpix into a full-fledged honest-to-goodness Photographer.
    I was saying goodbye to it in a way. I had no desire to sell it, it would be an insult to such a loyal companion, and soon it will open a new door in photography for me.
    As my flood of nostalgia subsided, my grandmother called to say she was two minutes away and to come outside. I jumped up, turned off the T.V. and my TiVo, grabbed my gear and was out the door in 30 seconds. I had no sooner put my stuff down outside and locked the door when she pulled up. I ran over, shoved my bag in the back, jumped in and said 'drive!'
    She asked for some additional info on the destination. "it's just past The Falls (a big and beautiful mall here) on US-1! Left side!"
    "How far past?"
    " I don't know, i'll tell you when we get there! please just hurry!"
    My voice had gone from anxious to pleading in an instant. Nothing was more important than my D200. Nothing! I didn't care if I died in the process but I'd be there within an hour of the call.
    So we drove.
    We made good time at first, until we got onto US-1 that is. I don't understand the reason traffic seemed so bad once we got on that road. It was probably just a figment of my imagination, a loss of perspective. We made good time and there were relatively few cars on the road- yet it seemed like we were moving at five miles per hour through a traffic nightmare.
    Perspective, perspective, perspective.
    I grew frustrated. If we had gotten an earlier start, I told myself, I could have been there already.
    It always seemed we were in the slowest lane. Right in the middle...cars passing on either side like running children in a 30 second exposure.
    I made her change lanes 3 times...and after an eternity and a half, I could see the sign. I must say, Pitman has taste- their colors are also Nikon Gold and Black. It was a beacon, summoning me to my destiny.
    We turned in just behind another car- this one took the nearest spot so we had to go about 8 cars down the parking lot. As soon as we stopped, before the car was even in park, I jumped out and basically ran into the store.
    Panting, I then waited for one of their nice employees to take care of me. Finally my grandmother walked in, and about a minute later I had my salesman.
    In my excited voice, I said,
    "Hello my name is Harrison Diamond, I'm number 5 on your pre-order list and I'm here to pick up my Nikon D200"
    Which came out something like this...
    "HellomnamesHarrisonDiamondI'mnumber5onyourpreorderlistandImheretpickpmy Nikon D200 *deep breath*"
    Thankfully, the salesman figured it out and remembered me from when I'd come in at the end of October, just after Hurricane Wilma, with the printouts of the leaked Nikon D200 flash site and the leaked Nikon UK product photos.
    So he went looking for my preorder...
    And finally, after going through 4 stacks of paper in the front, he went into the back and found it almost immediately- it was probably there with the camera because of the call.
    And so he brought it out, and The Nikon Cube- The D200 box.
    I saw the gold flash of the box as he walked towards me.
    My heart must have stopped...Time slowed to a crawl as the lettering on the box became clear.
    The realization of a dream, a hope long cherished deep in my heart, almost from the first time I took a good photograph with my D70. A wish for so much of my photographic life that it seems to have been the very foundation of it. And after so much waiting, after 4 months of active speculation and praying for it each night, after 3 months of knowing some of what it would be, after 2 months of knowing its every facet of design, after a month and a half of agonizing wait from order to delivery.

    My Dream Had Come.

    He placed it on the counter before me.
    I didn't dare to touch the box- could it be real? Could this really be it?
    I knew it was, it had to be. Yet part of me doubted my dreams could be so fully realized.

    I then had the thought about card space recur- I would get what, 100 compressed RAW shots tops per gig? and I only had 1 1gig and 1 256 card. The 256 was at my father's house, too!
    The MB-D200, spare batteries, and DK-21M were all still not in stock, so I had a few hundred left to spend.
    I said i'd take a 1 gig CF card. It was a lexar 80X WA card.

    He brought me the papers to sign, I handed over my credit card. Photo ID? pulled out my student ID. He said it would be easier if I had some photo ID with my signature on it, but he knew who I was from before, as did the manager, plus I had 2 other credit cards with identical sigs to prove it. The manager signed off on it and at 1:32:50 Eastern Time, I became the official owner of a Nikon D200.
    "All right, congratulations, let me just scan in your serial number. He picked up the box, scanned it, and put it back down. I looked at the serial number and my jaw dropped nearly to the floor.
    My serial number was 3001810.
    So not only did I have a low serial number (obvious due to it being the first shipment, of course), but an amazing coincidence...or fate? was showing itself.
    I got my D70 brand new sealed on Ebay at the end of last year, with delivery on january 6th of this year.
    I got my 70-200 VR used in May of this year.
    I thought that the coincidence with them was weird enough.
    But all 3 items, purchased on 3 separate occasions, from 3 different places, with 3 different methods...
    All have the same last 4 digits of the serial number.
    D70: 3121810
    70-200: 241810
    D200: 3001810

    It reminded me of a line from the Aeneid. "Troiae qui primus ab oris italiam fato profugus lavinaque venit litora"- I'm pretty sure I got that right, I believe they're around lines 1-3 of book I. It means, referring to Aeneas, 'who first from the shores of Troy, having been driven by fate, and came to the shores of Lavinia' or something more or less like that. It's 3 AM, what do you expect? The middle part between the commas is the part that interests me. Having been driven by fate. That's how I feel. Fate intended me to have this camera, this body. It was my destiny.
    Modesty is definitely one of my strong points :rolleyes:  :wink:

    Well, new CF card, camera, and all, I was finally complete. I took the required photo of the brand new unopened box:
    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    Larger Version: click here
    Next: part III Continued. At text limit!
  13. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
    #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax;
  14. Episode IIIa- Vivid Landscape (adobe RGB)

    Resuming my narrative...stupid 10,000 character limit...

    When I left off, The D200 was mine. My grandmother and the salesman both urged me to open the box while I was still there. My grandmother, who had already been a little bit embarassing by doing what I always insist she not, which is ask about 'are there any coupons' or 'is it on sale':redface: , said I should make sure everything was there. The salesman, poor guy, was #19 on their list and still camera-less. He wanted a first look.
    And so I opened the box.
    The cardboard seemed as rigid and stiff as my D70. there were two boxes inside. One I knew held the manuals and charger and battery and cables. The other I knew held my dream.
    I checked the manuals first.
    Finding everything in order, I took a deep breath, and opened the second box.
    The beige packaging material was carefully plucked off the top.
    and inside that beautiful plastic bag, my camera.
    My Nikon D200. My Dream.
    And so I picked it up, carefully, and took it out of the bag.
    It felt like a brick...a very comfortable to hold rubber brick. Substantial. Imposing. A true professional machine. Rubberized command dials, so many controls...I knew I was in heaven.
    I let the salesman hold it a bit to get a taste of what was to come.
    And then I put it back in the bag, back in the box, and closed it all up.
    Time to go.
    The salesman put the two items which had cost my credit card $1800 inside a nice large yellow Nikon shopping bag, and I walked out trembling after thanking him.
    I sat down in the car. I closed the door.
    As we drove, I reopened the box, took out the strap, and attached it to the camera. I didn't want to take any chances after reading the story of the poor guy in England who dropped his minutes after picking it up.
    We stopped at the grocery store to pick up some food to make lunch. I stayed in the car. I inserted my battery for the first time and, with 36% battery power, ran down my 5 page checklist.
    I noticed a few new menu options since Phil's preview at DPR. Or at least some I hadn't noticed.
    After I set everything, I took out the battery and waited patiently. I started taking pictures of the body:
    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    larger versions At My Nikonians Gallery
    And so we arrived at my Grandmother's house, and I unloaded all my camera gear. I had at this point 3 camera bodies, 4 nikkors, 2 CF cards, a card reader, my laptop, 2 battery chargers, 3 batteries, 1 laptop AC adapter, 1 logitech mx-1000 laser mouse and base, and assorted odds and ends either on my back or in my hands.
    I immediately set my battery charging and turned on the computer. I sat down and read the manual and ate.
    Once my battery was 'charged enough', I placed it in the camera. I was ready. *note: I've noticed that my battery charger would still be 'charging' but the batt meter would read 100% in the camera...however the charge was going down rather rapidly for a batt rated at 1800 shots- true there was a lot of viewing going on, but not enough to change the battery life that much- I'm 99% certain that the meter was giving a false 100% reading before. Anyways i've charged it now until the light goes solid and it finishes charging completely. We'll see how batt life is now*
    So I took my D70, 17-35, a 1 gig card in each camera, formatted, and my 50/1.4 in my lens case.

    The First Shot:
    My settings were as desired- Adobe RGB Mode II, sharpening in camera Normal, High ISO NR on Low, AF-S, AWB, ISO 100, RAW compressed.
    My grandmother and I walked outside. She takes care of a great many cats back there, including 4 kittens, fast growing. She picked up one of them- a cute little thing. I had them hold quite still as I took the first picture.
    Aperture Priority- ISO 100, 1/25 sec f/4.0, 17-35mm f/2.8D AF-S ED-IF@ 20mm. The file turned out 8.6mb in size.
    I had a sharp shot.
    The first shot:
    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    Full Size Version
    only adjustments were lowering the default sharpening in advanced raw in capture 4.4, and a very light usm to compensate for that with better results.
    And a 100% Crop:
    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    I continued shooting, testing out the AF, metering, and so on. I ended up putting a matrix meter fine tune bias of +1/3 EV. I've shot at ISO 100, 200, 320, 400, 800, 1600, and even 3200 a fair amount now and I like what I see.
    Here's an ISO 1600 100% crop- High ISO NR was set to On Normal, the default setting, but since I shot NEF the NR is all done in capture, and is fully adjustable. I turned it down about 1/4 of the amount it was set for. I can't wait to try this out in CS2 with ACR as well, and maybe with another NR program for even better results. Not that there's much room for improvement at all.
    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    I did some shots at ISO 3200 as well- I don't have any to post here, but rest assured it works just fine. More color noise to be sure, and getting the exposure right is very important...but Hi-0.3 is great, 0.7 is still good and 1.0 (3200) is perfectly usable.

    Anyways I then went to my mom's boss' house for my haircut- the stylist comes over and does everyone's hair. my mother's boss is a great lady, sort of a second mother to me. I got some processing time in before my haircut, and when I left I got her christmas gift, which she had me pick- a Lexar 80x 2gb card! So going from 1 gb of cardspace in the morning, to 4gb total by evening, I could finally shoot the D200 with no worries.
    Then I went out to dinner with my father, and later at his house got some continuous shooting in, catching the cat in midair. I didn't know the camera could do flash in continuous bursts until afterwards, so there was a lot of motion blur.

    Ergonomically this camera is absolutely perfect. The dedicated Qual/WB/iso buttons on the top are for me extremely easy to use now that I've developed at least 4 methods of reaching them from various shooting positions.
    The other functions are even better laid out. I'm extremely happy. The camera really does feel like $1700 worth of magnesium alloy. The grip is great.
    Then there's the Viewfinder.
    I wore my contacts today because of the eye relief of the camera. Late tonight I found that if I was more careful about where I put my eye, I don't have to worry with my glasses.
    But Let me tell you all, that viewfinder is more than a treat. It is downright amazing!
    Huge- I swam in it. Remember how I tried the D2X? well this is just as big of not bigger, and just as well that the ISO is on the bottom without any right side display since I couldn't see the right hand display of the D2X with my glasses on anyways. It is bright, sharp, everything. I'm quite keen on it. I have no complaints about it and I'm an avid F3 user!
    I can't wait for the DK-21M though. I'll start with one and maybe get a second for the D70- the eyepieces are interchangeable I checked today- and the 21M changes the VF mag about 1.2x- from 0.94x Viewfinder mag to 1.1x Viewfinder mag according to the manual.

    The D200 has a lot of features I didn't know about before.They include:
    Rubberized command dials (well I knew but only for a few days)
    Fine Tune Exposure
    Selectable beep pitch
    quick high magnification zoom option for the center of the multi-selector
    auto FP sync with the SB600 (I thought it only worked with the 800)
    Modeling flash with the SB600 (no modeling flash button on the flash itself, but it works!)
    Repeating flash with selectable power, number of repeats, and frequency
    5 preset WB's instead of 4, with a warning when you try and change one that was created in another bank (can't remember if its shooting or custom settings bank)
    Ability to lock recent settings list
    Optimize image functions on recent settings list
    and more.
    I also love the fact that it is so quiet. The DOF preview is basically silent stopping down and quiet still opening back up. The shutter release isn't loud at all! I like the smaller mirror since it helps eliminate vibrations.
    This is an extremely responsive camera in every way. More on that later.

    Well, I'll be posting more as I can...I'll be in intermittent contact only after tomorrow, but keep replying.
    In the meantime, check out my Nikonians Gallery, where i've got my pics hosted...albeit at lower res than i'd like. Tomorrow i'm gonna try and see about a smugmug trial and post some full res pics.
    Until then, i'll be adding more to the gallery below. Many are pics with my D70 of the D200 body. The rest are with the d200 itself.
    Enjoy the Gallery!
    Harrison's D200 Gallery

    Until next time, happy shooting, and congrats to my fellow D200 club members!

    Best Wishes,
    Harrison Diamond
    An Extremely Happy Nikon Camp-er
    D200 shooter
  15. Thanks Paul, take a look at my gallery now that it's more populated and has a few 100% crops and a real shot.
    More will follow soon, I promise!
  16. FishSauce


    Aug 10, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Congratulation and your narrative is awsome :biggrin:
  17. Congratulations again Harrison..Can't wait to see more pictures from your D200. So far so good.
  18. Great reading Harrison! Congrats and your new avatar suits you perfectly!!
  19. Harrison, you're a hoot! Reading your exuberant tomes brings back memories of many a childhood Christmas past.

    You really should consider a career as a travel journalist. With your love of photography and your writing skills I'd seriously consider it if I were you.

  20. Thanks everyone!
    I am now leaving for Cincinatti to see my sister, D200, D70, etc. are packed in my camera bag.
    In the meantime Check out my new gallery! It has a FULL res version of my first picture, and will have more ASAP.
    Enjoy Harrison's Smugmug D200 Gallery!
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