Picnic at the river, Ayutthaya, Thailand 2004

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  1. [​IMG]

    Picnic at the river, Ayutthaya, Thailand 2004
    D2H, 12-24

    When I saw this shot, I was immediately struck by the similarity of perspective with an HCB image of a picnic at the River Marne, France. Of course that is where ALL similarities end....
  2. Peter . . .

    . . . ANOTHER image that makes the viewer stop and ponder. Especially as you have presented it, leaving it to the viewer to figure out who "HCB" is, and which image you're talking about.

    I almost hurt myself reaching around to pat myself on the back when both of these dawned on me after a few seconds. And while it's true that one of these subjects is just a bit more involved with the camera than in HCB's version, I really like yours, too.


  3. On closer examination . . .

    . . . I guess the woman on the left isn't involved with the camera at all! Well, the resolution or something on the machine I first viewed the image on made it hard to see where she was looking. Anyhow, in the HCB version I guess the subjects' involvement with each other and their surroundings is all in front of the camera.

    For those people getting more and more irritated with this "HCB" code talk, the image in question is Au bord de la Marne (On the Banks of the Marne) by Henri Cartier-Bresson, which, if I've done this right, should be visible here:



  4. Thanks Mike

    For providing all that information and the link through...Gosh USD 15 000 - hell. I'd be lucky to get USD15 for mine!

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