Pics of Hakone ... (Taken with 35-70mm F2.8)

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  1. Hi All,

    All these pictures were taken on a one day trip to Hakone, a small tourist town in Japan in Kanagawa prefecture. 35-70mm f2.8 lens is used in all photos. I am still to take many photos with this lens but so far just trying it as normal purpose lens. Though some may find I have used the wrong tool for these kind of photography but I had no choice.

    Please give some constructive comments about these pictures.





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    Humphrey Chakma
  2. agw0


    Oct 28, 2006
    Munich, Germany
    I wouldn't think so. I find the 35-70 very good for such use.

    Very good composition, all of them, I would say. No. 1 could benefit from some tonal adjustments, imho (pull up shadows, push down highlights, a bit). And I probably would have waited for the vessel in the right background to reach the gap between the two foreground boats (if I had thought of that in that moment, that is).

    Btw, you wicked man :biggrin: - posting such images makes me want to once more go to Japan, immidiately. Well, that's scheduled for next year...
  3. tasnim_fahim


    Oct 2, 2006

    Hakone is lovely, no? Your pictures definitely depict different views of the place.

    I love #4 and if you could decrease the sky, methinks it would be excellent.

    I would take each pic in ps, make a copy layer, change the blending mode
    to soft ( or overlay ) and play around with opacity. Most would not agree
    with the results, but that is just me.

    I have learnt now to reduce the sky content if no good cloud formations,
    and tend to use polarisers for extended sky shots.

    High contrast is what I like. The yellow of the boats in pic 1 has superb

    Lucky you.
  4. Hi Fahim,

    Here I have decreased the sky in the pic. What do you think now .. ?
    Moreover I am not a good PP guy. I also felt that there are many things need to do for the sky in every pic. They seems contrast less. Though the weather was cloudy that day. For PP I only do some curve adjustment, and adjustment of saturation and contrast .. thats all ..:frown:


    Anyway ... thanks for your words ...

  5. Hi Arno ...

    Thanks for your appreciative word. The main problem with these pictures I have faced is the less contrasty sky and a slightly blue cast in all the cloudy picture. I am not sure why but my whitebalance setting might no be correct.
    Need to take more pic to learn how to avoid those things properly ... :wink:

    Anyway, thanks for your inspiring words ...

  6. Arif

    Arif Guest

    Hi Humphrey,
    I took a look at your other pictures on flickr and seems this is a new aspect for your work. I do like many of your pictures. The only comment I would like to make on these pictures (based on a recent eureka moment) is that they can represent any town in Japan so as a travel photograher, the challenge is to photograph the place so that others may want to go there or to shwo what is representative of the place.

    Since I am in Tokyo, would love to do a shoot together one of these days.
    best wishes and good luck,
  7. tasnim_fahim


    Oct 2, 2006

    IMHO, the impact and composition seem much better now.

    Well done.

  8. Hi Arif,

    Thanks for your nice comments and for looking to my other pictures. I got the point what you wanted to say in your comments by going to your site(thats it, representing the place ...). Your Odawara pics tells every bit of that. Among others I liked your Vanice pic much.

    Thanks for your shooting invitation and would loved to go for it ...

    Anyway .. what is that "Eureka Moment" ?


  9. Thanks Fahim...
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