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Picture of the day!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PGB, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005
    So, folks. I think we should start out with everyone adding at least one picture a day to this thread. Perhaps we can have a theme for each day or week or something. Not necessarily a challenge but a way for us to be creative. I love taking shots of birds but sometimes I think that does not challenge my creativity, which I lack.

    I'm going to think of somthing interesting and see if its worthy of posting.

    Thanks and happy shooting,
  2. here's my input. Shot this over a week ago, but processed it a couple days ago:

    NIKON D2H    ---    420mm    f/5.6    1/1250s    ISO 320

  3. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005
    I am so drawn to the talons on this Osprey. I know the focus point is probably the eyes but those talons are menacing. I would love to see a shot as he is grasping his prey.

    Awesome Harris, just awesome!

    Thank you,
  4. Thanks Patrick, his feet are huge. I never realized how big they are until this series of shots.

    Tomorrow, I have a patient taking me to an Eagles nest. I should be able to get within 100ft of it. We'll see. Wouldnt it be a kick to have a shot like this one of an eagle?

  5. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005
    Oh man, i'm so envious. Eagles are one of my elusive captures. They are always too far away. Even the 600mm they were too far away. I'm hoping you have some good luck.

  6. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    It's Mr. Osprey....LOL

    Great pic Harris. I hope you aren't using them all up. :lol:
  7. 38888178.

    So how do you imbed a picture? :?
  8. Hey UF, good to see you. Here's the instruction on embedding:

    When you begin to reply or post a new thread and you want to embed a pic press hte "Img" button, paste the link to the pic and then close the link by pressing the "Img" button again. This tells the server to open the link and display your picture

  9. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005
    Uncle Frank,

    You closed the img tags twice.

    Try it again, and welcome. Your hummer shots are the best!

  10. That's what I did, but I think I had html disabled. Let's try it again.


    Hey, that's more like it! :D 
  11. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005

    That is something else. I wish I had hummers like that at my place. Mostly green and grey ones, i think they are the female ruby's.

    Thanks for posting this. Do you setup your camera and remotely trigger it or do you stand there with it and depress the shutter? I would think they may get skiddish about a person being too close.

  12. hummer pics

    They don't mind me at all, Patrick, unless I wear bright clothes or make sudden movements. I stand out in the open, about 6-10 feet away from the feeder, and just shoot away.

    The males are vivid, but the females have beautiful, muted colors if you catch them in the right light.


    I used multiple flash heads at low power for this shot.
  13. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005

    That looks like the ones I have around here.

    My parents have a place on Smith Lake in Cullman county. They and their neighbors put out several feeders. This year there were litterally thousands. A hummer expert came out and said that we were probably seeing about a 1/3 of the population. He was very surprised at the quantity and the frequency. I could not walk out on the porch without being buzzed. 3 and 4 would feed at the same time. I had never seen anything like that. I wish I had pictures but I wasn't into this at the time. I'll be ready this year though!

  14. Larry Gleason

    Larry Gleason

    Jan 26, 2005
    Always Wow Hummers

    You sure do catch them great, Frank. :) 
  15. It takes a lot of energy for them to fly, and hummers actually sit most of the time. But they're so small and camouflage so well that
    it's hard to spot them. Every once in a while, they'll roost out in the open, and you can grab a shot like this.


    But I generally try to catch them flying. It's more dramatic.
  16. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005

    I'm going to have to make a trip to CA sometime so you can show me how this is done. I am just in awe of your supurb hummers.

    I especially like your foam core ones!
  17. Hey, thanks, Patrick! I'm hardly an expert, though; I'm just obsessed :-/.

    Here's an article on hummer photography that explains the technique. The guy's a little
    over the top about gear, but it'll give you the general idea.

  18. Wow, great shots........

    My goals for this year are Osprey and Hummers, all the flying kind. Looking at these that you have posted keeps me inspired.

    Here is my addition to the thread, from last Sunday morning. Slightly larger birds, I didn't realize just how big until I saw them with some Canadian Geese. The Trumpeter Swans looked to be about 2-3 times larger. Went out at dawn, overcast and misty:

    Just Cruisin':


    I like this thread. so where is yours Patrick?
  19. Fabulous

    Bill, I love that shot! If it were mine, it'd be hanging in the living room... if my wife allowed it :/.
  20. Larry Gleason

    Larry Gleason

    Jan 26, 2005
    Trying out some image postings.

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