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Pictures i hated to take...(Updated photo's Pg3)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Travelin^Man, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Well as some of you know we spent a week in Maine on vacation and had a wonderful time.. When we returned home this is what we were greeted to.. Water line broke and flooded the whole house. We just completed the demo and will be putting it back together starting in the next couple of days.. Well here is the damage..Every floor upstairs and down is now removed.. I would not wish this on anyone..Not even a Canon owner:biggrin: All in all it wasnt as bad as it looks.. We lost just a few pieces of furniature and that was about it.. So now the work begins..

    1.Downstairs basement..
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    2. Again in the basement..
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    3. Still in the basement..
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    4. It does'nt get any better..
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    5. Now for some upstairs shots..(Formally the Kitchen)
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    6. Hallway..
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    7. The bedroom..(All carpet is now removed)
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    8. Some misc pictures..
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  2. Oh man, that would kill me.....I've had some leaky roofs and moldy drywall, but that is epic.

  3. Ouch.. that definitely hurts...
  4. McGunnigle


    Jul 13, 2009
    ouch. hope you get everything back to normal soon. good luck
  5. bluaeon


    Dec 9, 2008
    ouch! that will take some time to fix
  6. Preston


    May 2, 2005
    Reno, NV
    Wow I'm sorry for you. I thought it was bad when my washer overflowed.
  7. Guest-004

    Guest-004 Guest

    Mar 11, 2008
    SE Pennsylvania
    Whew! On a lighter note, hope the renovation is enjoyable.
  8. Yep.. Pretty big.

    I will be turning off the water from now on..

    Thank you.

    I hope not.. But such is life..

    Thank you.

    Thank you everyone... The contractors i have are very dependable and I have no worries that the work will be done and done the right way.. Ill keep posting pictures of the renovation to make lite of things :smile:
  9. Plumbergeek


    Sep 1, 2008
    SW Georgia
    Sorry about your mishap!
    I own a plumbing repair company and the first thing I advise my customers is to shut off the water to the house and shut down the water heater when they leave home for any extended time. for some reason these things always happen when your on vacation. There is a product called the "water cop" that will electronically shut off the water if it senses a leak, but it is mechanical so it might not work when you need it too!
    I go a step further when I go out of town, I shut the main gas supply off also.:smile:
  10. That would be a nightmare. So sorry you had to go through that and hope that you had insurance to cover the damages.
  11. davidC


    Mar 10, 2009
    oh wow we had a hot water heater break but it was no where near that kind of damage!

    good luck!
  12. thats sucks man, i work at a hardware store and get people in all the time for this. really a pain in the ***
  13. My sympathies. I have been in construction all my life, and have seen some trauma like this in commercial buildings. I hate It when folks come along and say well you should have done this and that, the damage is done, and that talk does little to ease ones pain. But,,,,,,,,, I will take this time to mention something called a water wizard, at the time that was the name, theses senors are placed in strategic places in the home and automatically cut of the water supply if there is a leak, minimizing the damage. This is especially helpful in two floor homes. Also the trend is to use paperless Sheetrock in basements, this prevents mold growth. At the least, we have always used paperless Sheetrock on the first 4", with a small gap to prevent water from wicking up the wall, this was covered by the base trim.
    Good luck with the work
  14. To beat all i am a Pipefitter by trade and really didnt know about such item were aval... I am looking into for this renovation..

    Our homeowners will cover a good percentage of it.. Ill know how much tomorrow..Thank you so much..

    Thanks we will need it..

    Yepper.. Not fun..

    Thank you.. Ill be posting pictures as we go along.. If you noticed the clean up crew cut the bottom 8"s or so of the sheetrock for ventelation and I will be leaving it that way and will be installing wainscoating over the bottom 1/3 so that should help if anything like this happens again..
  15. Oh, poor you :(  Not fun at all.
  16. That is such a bummer. Let's hope the insurance company keeps their best face on.

    Sure beats a sewer backup due to flooding due to torrential rains. My neighbours are pulling their hair out. My house is OK.
  17. Plumbergeek


    Sep 1, 2008
    SW Georgia
    Well I hate you feel that way! Hopefully someone "else" that reads this post will benefit from it and hopefully prevent such a tragic occurrence in their home.
  18. Zeke,

    I feel for you man! The exact same thing happened to me in 1981. Water line broke upstairs while I was on a trip. Ran for 3 days before my return. Took 8 months to repair all the damage both physically and mentally...........and even though I was insured, it still cost me a small fortune to get everything back like it was.

    My heart goes out to you. Good luck in the journey. I know it's tough!!!!!
  19. SP77


    Jun 4, 2007
    Rockville, MD
    oh ****! :frown:
  20. Ill be posting some up to date pics tomorrow to show the progress so far.. All work is being done by friends and family.. What more can i ask for.. Well im going to bed so I can get up early so we can grout the kitchen floor tomorrow:wink::wink:

    Im hoping for the same reason.. When we moved into the house 11yrs ago i just used the line that came with the refridgerator and planned on going back to switch it to copper but you know how that goes:cool:  Thank you..

    I know how you feel we have put about 10k back in and i wont have an insurance check for another 4-6 days:frown: But we are getting there.. Thank you.
    Thats just about what i said...
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