Pied bushchat, India (had to get close to get good bokeh)

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  1. This guy was very co-operative. I first took a shot from a distance to be on safer side (for he may fly away as i approcah him). This was image #1 shown below.

    Then i approached him very very slowly to get a closer shot. Everytime he would look at me, i would freeze in the same place a like a statue. After he gets convinced tht i am not a threat to him, he starts looking away from me and then i start moving closer to him again gradually.
    Eventually i made this image #2 and left the place quietly. He still remained on the same perch.

    Bird photography is indeed challenging and requires lots of patience and perseverence... :)

    #1 (from a distance - but cropped later)

    #2 (almost fullframe)

    Hope you like them...

    Both images made with Nikon D70s body and Bigma.

    C & C are welcome...

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    Beautiful images:>))
  3. Well done. Nice catch light in the eye.