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Pinellas County FLA info requested....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TOLady, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Hi there, looks like I'm heading south after all. A buddy of mine has a place on Treasure Island and he was just down there, and said there are lots of birds around, so looks like I'm loading the kayak and headin' on south. Can anyone from this area confirm that there are birds to shoot while I'm down there, ie spoonbills, herons, etc. I'd hate to drive all the way and find out they're still staying away from the area due to hurricanes.

    I've been scouring the areas of Boca Ciega Bay on GoogleEarth and it looks like lots of little bays, islands, and TONS of trees so these would be good bird sites..... anyone?
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    He Sandi,

    If your coming down that far. :>))

    Just also head east a couple hours and you will be over here on the east coast with the Viera, Merritt bunch..

    Just a thought. Would love to get together with you ...

    I do not know to much about Panellas county shooting.

    Hollar at one of the Tampa guys. They will know. :>))
  3. Hi Sandi,

    If I could go, I would hitch a ride (lol) but I wouldn't be able to go until next year but I wish you lots of fun :)  Let us know how it goes.
  4. If you need a stayover place on the way you are welcome here. got loads of extra bedrooms.
  5. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005

    Same goes for us! We live right off US Interstate 65 so if you pass this way, let us know!
  6. oops forgot to say right off interstate 95
  7. Holy cow, what a great bunch you are! Just hop from member to member all the way on down! LOL I also promised Jarrell I'd set aside a day for shooting in the Macon region as well, and of course, he'll be the recipient of my B&H order until I get there (definitely a 12-24, maybe an 80-400VR as well, not sure) so I HAVE to get to Macon before he gets too attached to them! *LMAO* Yes Gale, I could easily zip on over to the east side while I'm there. Might head down for a few weeks, and want to paddle and shoot as much as I can.
  8. The same goes here Sandi...If you need a stopover, I am in Virginia Beach which is a little out of your way but you are more than welcome. Let me know.
  9. no hotel charges, free meals, good wine and lots of laughs. What more can you ask? Jennifer and I would love to have you if it is convenient for you.
  10. Aw thanks so much, Melissa, you're all such nice folks!
  11. You're such a saleman, Dave!!! *LOL* Thanks so much for the offer.... wine, laughter.... how could one refuse!!
  12. Sandi,
    Have a look HERE.

    It's the Florida Birding Trail website. There is a lot of information on various birding places around the state. If I'm not mistaken, it is broken down by region and gives details about various State Parks/birding areas/etc.

    I haven't been in that area to shoot but I know Ft DeSoto is really popular. It's located on Tierra Verde (an island). When I was researching that area for places to shoot I remember reading about a number of places. It's all on that website I linked to.

    Let me know when you're here, I'd be happy to go out and shoot.
  13. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    If you stop by to see Patrick and Leigh, you can also visit with Janie and I, and we can take you to see the GBH's and Eagles at the Guntersville dam on the Tennessee river.

    C'mon, you know you want to come. :wink:
  14. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  15. I used to live in Polk County a couple of Co's east of Pinellas. I assure you there are tons of different birds to photograph all over the place. Make sure you also hit the Crystal River area a bit north of there and get some pictures of the endangered Florida Manatee. Gentle Giants. If you hit the less populated counties you'll end up with eye popping wonders. Living in Florida for 6+ years was a great and pleasant surprise to someone who lived almost all my life in Michigan. I miss being there. Completely changed my perspective of what Florida is really about.
  16. That's going to be a loooooooooooooooooooooooong drive, Sandi! But if you are so inclined, I'm a kayaker too but live considerably west of where you are headed - Panama City, FL. Here's my condo abode, so you can see I'm as close to the water as you can get! :)  Have a safe trip and will look forward to seeing your postings. A shoot with Jarell?? How lucky can you get?? ;-)
  17. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Looks like a real tough life Diane. You are right about shooting with Jarrell. That's something that any of us would enjoy. :smile:

    Welcome to the Cafe!! :wink:
  18. Thanks for the info and the link, Mike. I'm more concerned with if there are birds there right now, as a lot leave during any hurricane weather. Last year at the end of October, a lot weren't back after the August 'canes... Yes, FortDeSoto was on my list of visits - looks like a fantastic place and I might even camp overnight for a few nights there to get up with the dawn and get out there.

    Maybe I should just get an open plane ticket and do a "shooting with the crew" world trip!! *LMAO* Of course, Frank, I wouldn't miss a day of shooting with you bunch! Might even have to get the 80-400VR just for trip!! :wink: LL is such a dreaded disease!

    Paul, thanks so much for the offer. I've alway wanted to return to England to shoot it. Used to be married to a Scowser/Scouser so I know it well - three wks every year for 9 years. Of course, I'd much prefer to see it again without my inlaws!! LOL

    Andy, I'd love to see a manatee - extremely gentle creatures. Did see some dolphins playing in front of my boat last time I was down - that was thrilling! I tend to paddle over to the less populated areas, more birds, wildlife and fewer motorboats. Thanks for the tip about the Crystal River!

    Diane, I've seen your work before and just incredible - lucky to live on the water!!! I'm actually looking forward to the drive (tons of audio books!), not going to do a 'straight through' like most times - take my time, meander around. I use MS Streets&Trips on the laptop with a GPS so taking all sorts of back roads is never a problem... I want to see some of the American countryside, not just freeways. The journey IS part of the vacation. Isn't paddling in FLA a joy.... nothing like skimming over salt water with the sunlight shimmering on the sand on the bottom... Yes, I'm lucky to have a photog buddy like Jarrell, he's a lot of fun, very knowledgeable and good joke/story teller too!!! And of course, then there's Hannah. She was still a pup the last time I saw her so she was just a happy little furry wriggle-bum all the time.

    Now to get all my clients lined up properly so I can get some time off..... Sure hope this works!
    Thanks all for your great offers, and your info on this trip. First trip with this new camera kit so I'm hoping for some really great shots. *fingers x'd*
  19. Sandi,
    I live in Pinellas County (Clearwater). I don't do much birding, but I do see that the birds are plentiful right now and seem to be getting much more active with the weather cooling slightly. Kayaking in our area is beautiful. There is a lot of backwater/mangrove type terrain which you should really enjoy.

    I have a few suggestions. I would first stop in and chat at Osprey Bay Kayaks on US 19 just south of Belleaire Road. The people there are friendly and would be of great help to you. They would be your best resource for Kayaking tips and wildlife suggestions.

    Places to see would be:
    Fort de Soto park - recently won best beach in the country! Nice camping and great Florida wildlife/sealife.

    Caladesi State Park - Consistently in the top 5 beaches in the country. This island has access only by ferry which has helped maintain it's pristine terrain. The mangroves on the approach to this park are always swarming with birds!

    Anna Maria Island - Just south of the Sunshine Skyway bridge. This is a quaint little island with nice beaches which have not yet been spoiled by high rise condos.

    Crystal River or Homossassa Springs are about 1 hour north of Clearwater. These would make a great trip for 1-2 days and offer beautiful, clear water for kayaking and usually abundant wildlife (manatees, birds, etc...)

    I would also put a plug in for the Florida Aquarium which is located in Tampa. Just across the bay, this is not your typical aquarium. They have done a great job focusing on Florida wildlife and shorelife including a large, open area with numerous birds. I'm a member and like to take the kids often.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

  20. Wow Mitch, this is exactly what I'm looking for - a local who can actually SEE the birds that are there now. I'll check out all those spots. Thanks for the kayak centre tip too in case I need any parts, etc. If you ever see a green Explorer roaring around your neighbourhood with a yellow Perception kayak strapped to the roof, toot the horn! *LOL* If you decide you want to come out for a paddle, we'll connect up. I love paddling through the mangroves, esp a low tide and watching all the crabs! Dangling my feet in the water and watching Mother Nature at her finest - such a life! :wink: Thanks so much for the help, Mitch.
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