"Pink exposed"

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  1. This flower got my attention, and I tried to really get into it............:Crunk:

    Here's the 35f2 doing it's magic.....

    "Pretty in Pink"

    (from here on it's the 60f2.8 micro)

    then I started to look a little closer, and found some greyhaired performers in there.....

    "The secret stars, entering the Stage"

    View attachment 101042

    In the next blossom, I found......:eek:.....it's getting a bit salacious here........


    View attachment 101043

    And here's finally a formal portrait of this pink beauty:

    "Full frontal Pinkity"


    Thanks for looking. C&C appreciated!​
  2. Well, Michael, you really are in the pink today!
    I bet Eileen's eyes really light up when she sees these.
    Salacious or not, I thought the third one was really neat.

    aka beaucamera
  3. I agree with Virginia, but I miss one image - the one where you penetrate the molecular structure of the stamina :biggrin:


  4. Harry.

    Trust you to come up with this. You will soon be asking that he starts working at the sub-atomic level. I know he is German with a sense of humour, but this is taking it much too far.:biggrin::biggrin:

    Bob F.
  5. Why not? Michael just sold his 300/4 to gather money for a SEM with F-mount.
    Hm, is that even possible :confused:

  6. Absolutely delightful!!! I know the 60mm is a treasure of a lens......you have just inspired me to screw it back onto my D2X and take a few snaps......but it is winter in Australia and I don't have any snow, let alone a flower. I will get back to you with something.:Happy:
  7. Beautiful images Michael, Thanks for posting them.
  8. mother nature thanks you for doing her creations so proud!
    mind boggling, love that subtle purple stripe on the closeup - the things we normally overlook.
  9. Beautiful, Michael! They are all stunning but my favorite is that last one.
  10. sharkync

    sharkync Guest

    Stunning series of photos. Took my breath away. Thanks so much for posting. I don't have the 60, but a mere Sigma 105 and you have very much inspired me.

    ps - Your colors are not too vivid!
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