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  1. I am in the first stages of planning a trip. We are going to be in Las Vegas for the first week of November at a Microsoft Conference, then we plan to spend a few days in Southern Utah.

    We have been to Zion twice and to Bryce once (years ago). My wife wants to skip Zion this time and visit Bryce, then see other parks we missed (Escalante?).

    I plan to make a base at Ruby's Inn for maybe 4 or 5 nights. I know November is getting on the cold side (at least for us Miamians) and we do not plan to do any strenuous hiking (not teenagers anymore :). What would the locals or knowledgeable visitors recommend for good places to take my D80 to?

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    Alex :

    Hurm. A lot of things that one could suggest...

    Well, I always recommend Escalante/Grand Staircase as a destination. There are a number of splendid slot canyons. Zebra Slot and Tunnel Slot require a goodly long walk through Harris Wash, but it's not strenuous. In fact, November could be a decent time to do this hike without cooking, and the walk in and out is filled with great photo ops.

    Kodachrome Basin State Park is close to Bryce, on a smaller scale, but well worth a drive to the east of Bryce. The rock colours are quite fine, and they're very approachable without major hikes or climbs.

    Red Canyon's to the west of Bryce, and it's well worth a stop on the way from Zion. If you time your visit, you can get magical wondrous light on the stone.

    If you're willing to go further, you can drive Red Canyon-Bryce-Kodachrome-Escalante then proceed up to Capital Reef NP, across Glen Canyon NRA, and then Natural Bridges NP. All of these offer some spectacular countryside filled with photographic opportunities. This would mean not being based in Bryce at Ruby's, however. There is a hotel or two in Torrey, some rather meager hotels in Hanksville, and pretty nice spots in Blanding.

    Depending on just how energetic you feel, Blanding's a starting spot for Canyonlands and Moab NP, and Dead Horse Point SP, but that may be too much driving for you.

    Southern Utah and northern Arizona are filled with photographic opportunities of both large and intimate proportion. You can hardly go wrong with a trip to the area.

    John P.
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