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Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by Uncle Frank, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. I went to my first game of the year yesterday... a triple A game at the local Little League field. It's the same field my son played at 18 years ago, and it brought back some great memories. This time I was watching my neighbor's son, Matthew, who plays for the Nationals. The Nats were facing off with the #1 team in the league, the Cardinals, who had their feared hurler, Dietz, on the mound.


    He had a lot of movement on his ball, and was mowing down the National's. best hitters.

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    But Matthew scratched out a hit in the 3rd inning that led to a rally!

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    Meanwhile, the Nationals pitcher was putting on a gutsy performance, and held the Cardinals to a handful of runs in the first 5 frames.

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    Now just in case this sounds ultra serious, the coaches were pretty laid back, and I'm not sure if they were talking about baseball strategy or oogling one of the moms in the bleachers.

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    And the players were enjoying the day, too. It didn't matter if their team was ahead or behind... they all had smiles on their faces.

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    In fact, the most intense spectator at the game was the team mascot.

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    I left early. The Nats were leading by a run, but I can't tell you who won. I accomplished my goal, though, which was to gather enough material to make a little montage for Matt's mom. She usually pays me with cookies and a hug :).

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  2. Nice series Frank. Nothing quite like the fun of LL baseball.
  3. how did u make that photo montage?
  4. I selected a base picture, and opened it in Photoshop.


    Then I opened two complementary pictures, and layered them over the base picture.

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    View attachment 91171

    I used the free transform utility to resize and relocate the two additional pictures. Then I added a layer mask to each, and "colored out" the portions that I didn't want to appear in the final montage.

    Finally, I flattened the 3 layers, and voila, I had the montage.

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  5. Matthias


    Apr 13, 2007
    Central Texas

    love the montage. It shows all aspects of the game in one shot:smile:
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