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Play of the Game

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by Harry Lavo, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Here is the scenario.

    The Holyoke Giants are playing the Newport Gulls in Holyoke. Both teams lead their respective divisions. When they met in Newport, Newport beat Holyoke in the ninth 1-0 after a tremendous pitching duel. Here, we are in the top of the ninth tied 1-1 after another tremendous pitching duel, and Newport has a man on first with one out. Batter hits a deep triple to right center field...the run on first gets waved around by the coach..but the Holyoke right fielder who has a rifle arm throws what can only be described as a fastball that one hops to the plate.....

    Now, I'm sitting up in the stands. It is past 9:00pm. The sky is pitch black...and my trusty Nikon D50 and 80-200 lens are registering a whopping 1/125s at 2.8. Normally both lens and camera would have been packed away two innings ago, but I had a sense...

    So the camera was on a monopod, I had switched from jpeg to raw, and was waiting. The following is what the camera saw.

    1/124s f/2.8 at 200mm iso800 neutral custom settings, no PP

    What happened? The catcher was knocked cold for forty-five seconds (you can see his helmut coming off in the last picture). The ump called "safe" then immediately reversed himself and called "out" as the Holyoke catcher somehow held onto the ball while getting knocked out. All hell broke loose, of course, with the players and coaching staff of both teams storming home plate...the ump looked like he wanted to find a hole...the catcher woke up and immediately recognizing the controversy assumed the call had gone against him and started screaming at the ump and physically trying to get to him...the coach literally picked up the catcher and pinned him against the backstop, then half carried him away to the dugout. Then the team OWNER of the gulls came out beside the manager to argue with the ump (and amazingly, neither got thrown out which they roundly deserved). After a five minute break, while the catcher recovered, the jawing continued.

    As for me, I tried to shoot the melee but forgot I was in manual zone mode rather than automatic focus (I rarely do this) and so have enough blurry melee to last a lifetime (and so threw it away). The Giants went on to win in the eleventh on a couple of freak plays, and the closers on both sides got to pitch three innings each. A very good game....and for me, a set of pics that I can't believe were shot at 1/125 and turned out amazingly well considering.
  2. Nice job if he held on to the ball you can see he was clearly out
  3. Thanks, Mike. That missing last photo means it might not stand up in court.:biggrin:

    Would that I could have obtained one more frame...I had switched from jpeg to raw because of the poor light/exposure and then found I could only squeeze out four shots (the first not shown) instead of the five or six I had been getting.
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