Played with a D200 this weekend

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jklofft, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. I played with a D200 with weekend for about 20 minutes are here are my impressions. First it is very solid (more like the F100 then the D100). The LCD screen dominates the back of the camera. I looks larger then the one on the D2x (although it’s the same size). The AF system is not as good as the D2x. I tried both the D200 and D2x with the new 18-200VR and a 17-55 and with both lens there were occasions when the D200 hunted and the D2x quickly locked on. I’d put the CAM1000 as a bit better then the CAM1300, but not as good as the CAM2000.

    The 18-200VR is smaller then I thought it would be. It is only a bit larger then the 24-85G. The build quality on the new lens is very similar to the 24-85G as well. I didn’t get great look at the image quality, but if it is decent, I’ll be replacing my 24-85G with the 18-200VR as my snapshot lens.
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    Jun 4, 2005
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    Just a quick question: Have you used cameras with CAM 1300 in order to make your comparison? I ask this because compared to the CAM 2000 on my D2x, the pool D1h that I have used with CAM 1300 isn't lacking all too much. If the CAM 1000 is indeed better than 1300, it should be great. Now just need NPS to get me my D200, hah.
  3. Yes, I used an F100 for a number of years. CAM1000 is better in terms of number and placement of sensors, however, the CAM1300's cross sensors on the sides seem better then the edge sensors on the CAM1000 system.
  4. They had a D200 at our local camera store last weekend when the Nikon rep came but I purposefully avoided the store because I was afraid of camera lust! heh

    First I must sell my D2H..then I can buy the D200.
  5. The AF is critical for me right now. I shoot with the D2H in the evening, but with CAM 2000, I have an advantage over the competition. Usually my shots are in focus and not OOF.

    If CAM 1000 is equal to CAM 1300, I'll be a happy camper. You say that the CAM 1300 cross sensors are better than the edge sensors on CAM 1000. Are the cross sensors on the D200 then comparable to CAM 1300? Thanks!
  6. Yes, the cross sensors are similiar.
  7. If the D200 is this good with resolution, build quality and AF then what's the point of a D2X other than to stroke one's ego knowing you have the ultimate camera? hahaha!
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