playing around at the gliding field with a sigma 150-500

some shoots from today, still figuring out how to use this beast. C&C welcome please, still learning to use this puppy

this guy is mad

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dunno, i cut the wing tips off but i like this one

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preparing for check 1

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Cool stuff.

These big slow zooms do indeed have a learning curve and the various lenses seem to have their own personality.

I've owned and used the old Nikon 80-400 VR quite a bit and I'm now trying out a Sigma 50-500 OS. Its different in its own way and it'll take awhile before I'm competent with it.

Enjoy your big zoom - it looks like you have some great subjects to work with :)
i am finding it a challange to master, i have been using auto iso to keep my shutter speeds up to avoid camera shake as much as i can, along with OS
We are of like minds regarding that tactic. I think this is important while getting used to the handling of the lens in the field as well as the efficacy of the OS.

I have to be careful to avoid becoming sloppy in my technique with these stabilised zooms. I'll get a poor capture popping up randomly and I know its not the lens or the camera. Try as I might I cannot find anyone or anything else to blame :D
yeap, i am the sole cause of OOF shots not the lens or camera. i really want to use it hand held as it suites my intended use. i have also bought a QR plate for it for tripod use but i think the tripod in this case would be more a of a hinderance than a help
well, i took the bigma out again today on a less then spectacular winters day. i just found this lenses limits. the OS worked great but there was just not enough light to help this big lens. auto iso was putting the iso up to 3200, bu the shutter speeds were lower than 1/100 of a second. leason learned

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