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Playing around with rushing water

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by ddietiker, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Practicing my technique

    17-35 ar 22mm

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  2. Very nice Douglas. Is this HDR?
    This is one of my favorite things to shoot and love doing that. I use ND filters most of the time to tone down the water.
  3. No, just a little selective burning and dodging in CS3 and most of the work was done in ACR 4.1

    I just used the CP, I even under exposed because the water was looking too much like cotton. I carry ND's but it was a pretty dark day
  4. murreywalker


    Mar 25, 2005
    Very nice Douglas.
  5. Thx Murrey
  6. Douglas,

    First let me say that I like the photograph. But I would offer a suggestion. Often when water is photographed with that slow a shutter speed, it turns into "angel hair" and all the highlights are lost. I've found that a little faster shutter speed will still give almost the same effect, but will capture enough detail to allow for better control of the highlights.
  7. Doug


    Jan 17, 2006
    East TN
    Nice spot Douglas.

    I shoot a lot of water. I believe you either needed a faster shutter speed, or the ND filter or a combination thereof. Even on an overcast day, the whiteness of water can overpower the shot.

    If I come to a place I really want good water shots, then I am going to try a few combinations, and find my best results at home in PP, but certainly check in the LCD as I process to make sure I am headed in the right direction, and to check blinkies. While expensive, the Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter sure is a nice edition to a water photographer's kit. Then again, I got good results with my Heliopan 3 stop ND.

  8. I agree with Chris, I will usually shoot waterfalls at a few different shutter speeds to see which one is best. Also, did you rotate the CP to remove reflections? The rocks look a little shiny.
  9. Really cool spot, Douglas, and I like the photograph. Looking at, I can almost hear the rush of the water.

    FWIW, on my laptop monitor not much detail is visible in the water in the lower part of the falls, but there is some detail there if you wanted to bring it out. I tried creating a duplicate layer with a black layer mask, changed the blending mode to multiply, and then painted through the layer mask with a soft white brush. To increase the effect, I made another copy of this layer. You could do he same thing with a duplicate layer made from your NEF with -EV dialed in.
  10. Jeff Lee

    Jeff Lee

    May 16, 2006
    Nice image.
  11. Thanks for looking Doug, though I'm a little confused, since using an ND filter blocks light and would require a slower shutter speed, I believe that is correct? I might try using a GND upside down and see what that does. I also might try following the rule which I should know better. Expose for the trees with -2/3 under exposure in this type of situation.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 19, 2007
  12. Thanks Chris. I think this shot is one of those compromises we all have to accept. It was a very dark day so getting a good exposure for the trees etc.. and trying to keep the water white and not gray (and also me not following the rules in this situation.) I did go back and play around in CS3 and was able to bring a little more detail out in the water, though that particular spot the water was quite foamy and my shutter speed was 1/6 which normaly is pretty fast for moving water. I have other shots with a faster shutter speed, but the scene is incredibly under exposed.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 19, 2007
  13. Rodney, thanks for asking, yes I did rotate the CP. The rocks were much more shiny. I remember while rotating it and not being happy I couldn't get more glare to disappear. I plan on heading back tomorrow to get more shots of the area. I will try a few different things.
  14. Thanks Dave. I tried the suggestion, the problem is as you bring out more detail in the water, the water starts to turn gray. Though I was able to get more of a happy medium by playing around.

    I really appreciate all the comments, it has me thinking a little more creatively for next time.

    Thank you Jeff
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 19, 2007
  15. Very nice, well done Douglas.


    Apr 30, 2005
    Nice image. Looks like a really beautiful area


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