playing with color space with D2h

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Keith, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. I have only had the D2h for less than a week. When loading pics on pbase with my D100 or D1x sRGB had more punch and looked much better. Im finding with the D2h that adobe work space looks much better as the sRGB looks way over saturated. :? What do you guys find?? I had to change my workflow, less processing :D ...........just did my comparisons, stupid me I already deleted them off pbase, I should have shown them here for you to see for yourself. Here is a pic, posted in adobe.........only 2 outings with D2h but Im starting to really like it!!

    Also another note for pbase, if I make any pictures above 800pix, it compresses it, sized 3 times and anything 800pix or below looked great. If I sized to 800 and framed it, making it bigger again I lost good detail. So key is 800max or below. Interested in your thoughts.


  2. I have had my D2H since January, 2003 and have always shot in AdobeRGB and converted to sRGB for the web. Just a normal part of my workflow. I'd like to see that comparison, if I wasn't tired tonight I'd do it myself. As I recall, I have seen some of my stuff look rather "muddy" when posted in Adobe.....but I will have to check. I'll bet you can get a comparison up before I can... :wink:
  3. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    First let me say awesome shots!! On the 800 pixel issue, there was an earlier thread that mentioned this same problem, and in a response, someone said that you can force pbase to feed the original. I'm a smugmug user, and I know how to do that on my pics, but I don't know the details for pbase.

    Maybe someone that knows the procedure can assist. In the earlier example, the difference was significant.


  4. Thanks Frank, will see if someone comes to the rescue. :wink:
  5. Keith, look back at posts by Yves, he indicated how to force the original to be linked to this and other sites.
  6. How far back. LOL...............tried a week back but to no avail ???
  7. I use Adobe RGB for web posting

    I have found that with the D2H I post all my pics in adobe RGB colorspace, I dont see a huge difference between srgb and adobe rgb. Look forward to your comparisons.
  8. Here we go with the comparison!!!

    Much more saturation than on the adobe





    I dont know about you, but I do see a big difference..........
    Mike, did you carry the same flow with the D100. With my D100 i always posted in sRGB as i found it was flat otherwise........

    well interested in your thoughts[/img]
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