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Please Critique

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Catz, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I don't usually post pictures but my son wanted me to take one with him and his new plane he got today. But I focused on him instead since I felt he was the main subjectI was wondering if you would critique. I converted the raw in NC and added sharpness and some curves. I shot in M mode as well. My favorite mode. I also adjusted the W/B as well.

    I used a D2X with a 17-55 mm Nikon lens. 1/200 sec at 2.8, 100 iso, Focal length 55mm, Auto W/B, no flash,

    I know that he has a shadow on his left cheek but I left it there on purpose.

    Many thanks,
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  2. PeterRH

    PeterRH Guest


    I love waiting for the moment when you can capture some part, however small, of the real character of a child. And when you have one of your own volunteering to have a pic taken, how can you resist?

    Unless my monitor is whacky I had not even registered that there was much of a shadow worth commenting on. Two comments:

    a) Is this the whole of the original pic? I ask because to my eye the hand looming out of the pic looks *very* slightly out of place...maybe because it is out of focus (which is fine in my view) it needs context to make face and hand work together?

    b) This is very much personal taste so bear with me...I'd have gone for a little more 'pop' on your son's face and then would have pp'ed by dodging and burning to reduce the prominence of the highlight - i.e. the sky - top left.

    But I must say these are minor comments, some of my favourite shots of friends children/my daughters have imperfections that are completely insignificant compared to the capture of the moment. I love the expression you have caught here, and that is so precious.

    I wish you would post some more!
  3. Melissa
    Looks good I think by you posting and receiving feedback will encourage you to post more shots, When asking for critiques provide as much information as possible ...camera type, lens used f-stop shutter speed was the flash used this way folks can point to a certain stetting that might improve your next shot. after posting that information I might be able to give you some details on how to improve. I am glad you posted this
  4. marc

    marc Guest

    your camera settings
  5. GaryW

    GaryW Guest

    Hi Melissa,

    I just got out of the hospital from a 3 day stay. Glad to be back. The picture of your boy looks great - I like the soft lighting.

    One thing I learned in a studio lightling class last week. It pretty much is the same as the 1/3 rule, but put a different way. It says that if you draw a line across the middle of the photo, and your model appears to be drowning, then it is a bad composition.

    In this case, I might have tried for a verticle exposure with your boy's nose above water.

    Nevertheless, I like the photo.


    (Back to bed and the morphene - :-}}}} ).
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Did not know you were Under the weather.
    Wishing you back to health and feeling great real soon.
    Cheers Pal
  7. Melissa, I think if it were me and had the light from the window on the one side, I would have used a reflector (a large white card, white sheet, anything like that) to bounce that light back onto the shadow side of his face. And I think I also would have made it a vertical shot as another poster suggested. But you know, that's the fun of photography - there's a million ways to do things and trying different things is the way we learn. Lord knows, I'm only half way through those million!!:smile: :wink:
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 9, 2005
  8. Thanks for the reply. I added to my post some info. If you need more to info me, please ask.

    I will continue to post more pictures as I can get them even if they are snapshots but I sure hope to get some real good ones from SFO when I go out there for the holidays.
  9. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the reply,

    This picture is not cropped so it is the whole picture. I agree that it could have used some pop. I have a velvia action that I could use or go into PS and dodge and burn or if you tell me how I can I can do this in NC I will make sure I do on the next one.

    My monitor must be calibrated because if you don't see a shadow then it probably is better than what I see. I will calibrate it again.

    I didn't pose my son. I am still learning that part of photography. I did blur the toy so that I could focus on my sons face. When you say context, can you tell me a little more of what that means so I can apply it next time?

    I added more info Peter in my post so that you have an idea of what settings I used for this picture.

    Thanks again for the critique.
  10. Gary,

    So sorry to hear about the hospital stay. I hope you feel better soon.

    Thanks for the info I will keep this in mind for the next shot. I am taking notes on the info I get on here.

  11. I used a D2X with a 17-55 mm Nikon lens. 1/200 sec at 2.8, 100 iso, Focal length 55mm, Auto W/B, no flash,
  12. :biggrin: I know what you mean Diane. I am starting on those million ways. I took this outside and I do have a nice reflector from a while back so I will take it outside when I take more pictures of my son or just use a flash. How's that?
  13. The biggest problem I see is that the depth of field is so shallow the plane isn't in focus. Try to keep this in mind whenever you are shooting wide open. Having your son hold the plane close to his face would put the plane in focus too.

    Also, faces are naturally vertical things. The horizontal format includes too much background.

    Also, when you shoot something like this try different angles and compositions.

    Keep shooting and pay closer attention to details.

  14. I am by no means an expert at portraits but I think you would benefit of going with a higher f-stop say f5 f 5.6 somewhere around there to give you a little bit more DOF. Now by doing that you will probably have to bump up your ISO so you still have a higher shutter speed. Again dont go by me I am no expert at all.
  15. Thanks Woody. I will keep those ideas in mind too. I appreciate the info.
  16. You say don't by you but yet your work is outstanding Mike:biggrin:

    I will try this next time. I just need to up the ISO once in a while. I have always kept the camera to ISO 100 so there would be no noise and I would have to do less pp. But I am finding that this should be changed.

    Thanks again Mike.
  17. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    You've gotten a lot of advice here, and it's all terrific! I just want to say how sweet this picture is - the airplane isn't important (to us grownups that is!), but your son's face is. And you have isolated his face perfectly. I would be careful about stopping down too much, or the background will start to compete with him.

    And those missing teeth - classic!
  18. Thanks Chris for the post and the compliments. I will watch the stops on the next one. I like to try to get the shot the first time out of the camera so there is not too much PP.

    I guess my son could say, I want my two front teeth for Christmas so we will see.
  19. Marc,

    I added the settings to the picture using Joe Colsons script. I hope this helps everyone with the info you need to help me.
  20. Hi Melissa,

    I missed your photo. I see it now wonderfull son you have there. Isn't it fun to photograph him. Composition is nicely done. You got alot of advice that is allways good to. I looked at the photo and i saw you edited it in Nikon Capture.

    You shot it like this:

    1/200 sec
    Iso 100

    i would have used a bit lesser wide aperture to get more depth of field. So maybe F/4 and 1/80 or 1/125 sec as speed
    and kept Iso 100

    If i need more depth of field i mostly look at my lens lenght so in this case is 55mm i add the 1,5x crop so is about 27,5 extra so 55+27,5 is 82,5mm. I match that lenght with the speed i use so 1/80th or 1/125th for a handhold picture. Then use the aperture i get with that. Or i must not want to much depth then i open up my lens wide open. But for portraits i choose mostly at least F/2.8 or higher.

    Another question is i see you have alot of grain in your photo. Do you use a curve in your camera? Or is your camera on -EV.

    For sharpness i just saw that the photo is sharp enough. But to lower the grain (not noise) it will soften the photo very much. If it is possible could i post process your photo from your raw file if you could upload it. So i can give you detailed steps i made to it. If not i can understand.

    Now about your boy he has sparkling eyes. So try to bring that out in post processing because in a potrait mostly we look for the eyes.

    So you did a good job on your photo of your son. And the critique or help giving is more helping hand then real critique. Because most of us know that you will amaze us with portraits too.

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