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Please do not Photograph the Phrench Phries

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gr8Tr1x, May 24, 2007.

  1. Ghunger


    Apr 2, 2007
    Seattle, WA
    Thanks for the heads up, I'll be careful next time I'm riding the ferry not to take pictures of the fries. :Crunk: :biggrin:

    An amusing story for sure. :tongue:
  2. You see.... French Fries can be dangerous to your health. Ya never know what French Fries could do in the hands of a skilled terrorist.

    On a side note I know of a resteraunt that was caught re-serving french fries. It was suspected and rumored, so a patron had an order of fries and inserted a few tooth picks into a partially consumed order. Left the resteraunt and had some one else go in shortly after he left and order fries. You guessed it, they got fries with tooth picks in them. Lawsuits, and food inspectors comming out their ying yang the resteraunt was soon closed and the building was sold.
  3. I feel the pain.

    I was at a park when I had a woman approach me about taking pictures a little girl. She said I a pervert and was going tell her mother. I said " Great, Let me know you find her. I have been looking for wife." Just then the little girl walks up to me and says "Daddy, why is this lady acting so strange?" "She keeps watching me. She is scarying me." The look on her face was priceless.
  4. I'd like to see a parade of photographers file into the ferry - all taking shots of the fries. Make them put up signs "FRENCH FRY PHOTOGRAPHY STRICTLY FORBIDDEN". Maybe that would force them to re-evaluate the riduculousness of their stance.
  5. Julien


    Jul 28, 2006
    Paris, France

    If only ... :frown:
  6. HAC_X

    HAC_X Guest

    Well, I wonder how many Americans actually realize "French" fries were not created by the French, but by the Belgians? (and some food historians would suggest that they actually first appeared in the Spanish Netherlands around 1680. A Belgian legend claims that the term 'French' was introduced when British or American soldiers arrived in Belgium during World War I, and consequently tasted Belgian fries. They supposedly called them 'French' as it was the official language of the Belgian army at that time.

  7. I believe that "French" actually refers to the style or method in which the potatos are cut.
  8. As a former Dutchman , I remember that we called them "frieten" after the French words: "pommes frites", "pomme" being short for "pomme de terre" or potatoes. So, "pommes frites" means deep fried potatoes and as Ray says: "I believe that "French" actually refers to the style or method in which the potatos are cut." As an aside, these things need to be served with mayonaise and not ketchup...
  9. Malt vinegar....
  10. Possibly...but mayonnaise? Ugh! :Sick:

  11. You know that would be pretty cool. I'd love to see a large scale “photographers protest” the next time one gets hassled for taking a photo of public landmark. I don’t think that has ever happened.
  12. That story is both bizarre and sad.

    If this mindset does not change, I will be under suspicion for displaying the molecular structure of a trans-fat in one of my classes - after all, those are potentially "deadly" . . . perhaps I'm already on the list. LOL.


  13. How about in Canada we have Poutine. French Fries with Cheese curds sprinkled over top and then hot gravy poured over to melt the cheese curds. Nice gooey tasty treat. mmmm mmmmm good.

    Ya like cheese right? ya like Fries right? ya like gravy right? Simple put it all together!! This the way I tried to convince my cousin from Minnesota a few years ago and he agreed to all the points but I couldn't get him to put it all together.
  14. slappomatt


    May 13, 2006
    San Diego CA
    It's not even that great of a photo of the "freedom fries"
  15. Like mustard on ice cream?

  16. HAC_X

    HAC_X Guest

    Only in la belle province,, all other poutines are pale imitations...

  17. Actually, it just shows that those who renamed those fried potatoes "freedom fries" have no clue... Indeed, they were invented in Belgium, where they go wonderfully with mussles, a dish known as "moules/frites".

    Also, the best condiment to go with fries is definitely not ketchup (which has much too sweet of a taste), but strong Dijon mustard (and definitely not the mustard known as French's in the US, which has nothing to do with French mustard!). Mayo can be used too, but it is not nearly as good a match. Malt vinegar is much better, indeed.
  18. Oh brother! This is a funny but sad thread! I hope I never ride that ferry - I love taking photos and I ain't gonna stand for some nut telling me I'm a terrorist! Now as to what ya'll eat with your fries, I happen to be partial to blue cheese salad dressing on them - I loved that treat when I was going to college! Haven't tried mayo, but have had different mustards - I like the creole on em!

    It's sad that our country has turned so paranoid and we photographers have to be the ones "picked on." I hope I never run into a situation like the on in this thread - it really is sad! Me? A terrorist? NO WAY! I'm a PROUD U S NAVY AUNT!
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