Please help identify this bug.....

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by Lil Judd, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. I was in luck just now as I was watering in the garden. I found this guy/gal and it was a willing subject for about 10 minutes as I snapped away with my Lester A. Dine Kiron 105mm Macro lens at f/11, ISO 400, On Board Flash with homemade diffuser.

    What is it?

    Thanks for your help & C&C is always welcome.


  2. Hi Lil!

    It´s a Katydid...

    Some critic: you should have got it a bit out of the background :biggrin:
  3. Would this appeal more to you?

    Thanks for the feedback Jukka. Here's another one with slightly different pp - maybe it will appeal to you more?!.

    Thanks for the feedback


  4. Jukka nailed the ID. I like the image.
  5. Thanks Dave. A few more on my web site. I feel I obsess a tad too much about the look of the histograms & should concentrate more on what appeals to my eye....

    My histograms don't look what I believe they're supposed to look like when I pp as I prefer. Vibrant color & contrast....


  6. Both very nice, Lil!

    I was prefering the leaf like appearence of the katydid :smile:
  7. Nice image of the Katydid. I prefer the composition of the first shot.
  8. Jukka - not sure what you meant. Sorry.....

    Thanks Jukka,

    I guess I'm just not sure what it was you felt I should have done differently about the background. I tried bringing it up from the background - but I guess that's not it either. Are you talking about DOF?

    Can't do anything about that in this shot unless I blur in CS3 & I've seen results of that & don't like it.

    Thanks, next time a bug presents me with it's side I'll try to remember to change my f/stop.

  9. Thanks David

    That's FF, no crop on the original.

    Thank you for providing feedback so I can improve. There's always room to improve.