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  1. Paulesko


    Jul 23, 2008
    Hello everyone.

    Lately (year and a half) I´ve working seriuosly as a wedding fotographer, and I really enjoy it, so I´m thinking of buying new stuff and begin to work on my own.

    Well said that, I have serious doubts around which lenses to buy. These days I used to work with canon gear 17-40 f4 //70-200 f2.8 //50 f1.4 //85 f1.8 and a sigma 15 f2.8 fisheye

    I also have to say that I have now a fuji s5 pro, and I will buy a FF camera as my main body, while fuji s5 will stay as a backup.

    I´ve already sold all my dx lenses :D in order to buy some new FF staff. I´m not looking for ultimate quality, so I think I´ll manage to work without primes this time.

    These are my doubts


    Look, I find very usefull that 17-35 I love the effect wern you set 17 mm I love going UW, but then....

    35-70 (plus 17-35) is cheap and have macro feature for detail photo, like rings flowers and that kind of things

    28-70 (plus 17-35) is expensive compare to 35-70, but more versatile, and I know is great because I´ve already used it (I haven´t used 35-70 though)

    24-70 (alone) I loose that 17 mm that I love, but I think is the best of all at 2.8..... Haven´t used it.

    To complete my gear, I have 14-24 and 70-200 coming.

    What do you think?? I like 17-35 and 28-70 combination, but it´s really expensive comparing to the others. I don´t want to take my 14-24 to a wedding, I prefer to use it in a more controlled environment, I don´t want to break it :)

    Your turn

  2. 17-35 and 28-70. The 28-70 (the Beast) is my bread and butter lens. It's the first one I put on my camera the one I take most shots with. The slight overlap gives you a bit more flexibility.