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Please post some R1C1 examples

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by Randy, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. I am considering the kit since I already have an su800
    If you have some nice closeups please post them
    With the sigma 150 would be even better
  2. husawis

    husawis Guest

    Randy - the last two posts i have are done using that kit with 60mm 2.8 micro see my meadow beauty (medicinal plants) and marsh st-johnswort in this forum. i also use that set-up on the sigma 150. it took a while to learn to use it but now i use it mostly with the extreme close-up adapter for macro work. a word of caution i have gone through four of these adapters and the colour filter holder you need to attach it to the sbr200 - poorly designed attachment and easily dislodged. Get rechargeable batteries or the units will eat you alive. all in all a nice kit and worth the investment.
  3. when you say it took awhile to learn what did you mean ?
    my concern is that it may behave like the sb-800 in that it is difficult to get consistent results and avoid too much or too little light....

    any sig 150 bug shots using it you can share ?
    and settings ?

    thx again
  4. 3whiteroses


    May 23, 2008
    I'm not sure if this is helpful, but I purchased the R1C1 for macro shooting. Another reason I like it is I can use the flash with my SB800.

    For this image the flash was not on the camera - Again, I like the flexibility of using them on the ring or off.

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  5. husawis

    husawis Guest

    Randy - from my perspective it came from doing exactly what you said - getting light to be in the right place. i found that the extreme close-up adapter was the answer most of the time. the target light was next to useless in the conditions i work in. angela is right the flexibility for using multiple lights off camera is a neat thing but in the weeds not as useful as when i do setup shots. we use it for setups for our art catalog customers and now rarely us a tent.
  6. what is the extreme close-up adapter ?
    so how do u think it will do for handheld macros ? I don't do setups or off camera flash, I stroll thru the botanical gardens looking for cool bugs.
  7. I'm not an expert with flash by any means but I think the electronics in the R1 units is so finely tuned and the connection to the SU-800 (or Commander Mode firmware in your camera body) is also so good that placement of the flashes on the ring is my biggest concern most of the time. I use 3 units and wish the R1 or R1C1 was available with 3 or 4 SB-R200s. I almost never discard images for bad R1 performance. It's almost always bad composition, wrong background selection, or poor setup on my part.

    Here are a couple with the R1C1 and Sigma 150 on either a D200 or a D90. Almost never get a hotspot, flash metering seems to be spot on every time. You can see a tiny bit of flash reflection in the third image but it's acceptable to me for that image.

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    View attachment 400374

    View attachment 400375
  8. 1 is awesome
    2 is very good
    thx Mike, this is what I needed to see
    so did you order the r1c1 kit and then an xtra SB-R200s ?
    I already have an su800 so I will order the r1 kit and then play with it before i add a 3rd flash
  9. husawis

    husawis Guest

    Randy - i use it for handheld macros and close-up non-macro photography including film work. the photos i referenced were handheld. btw if you want to use the 60mm, my favorite macro lens, you'll need the ur-5 adapter that does not come with the kit. the close-up adapter is in the kit (r1c1 or r1) without it i have found that macro shots are harshly lit. i assume you have experience with orchids - if so you know the reflectivity on the petals is difficult to light properly - it can be done but it is much easier with the adapter. i have three other photographers working with me they use the r1c1 for setup shots, that is not my role in the group. i think it is well worth the purchase, i do not do bugs and rarely use flash with any animal photos. sorry i can not be of more help.
  10. Thanks Randy. I think they illustrate what can be done.
    I actually (read foolishly) ordered the R1 kit thinking the onboard commander mode in my cameras would be adequate. I bought the SU-800 and extra SB-R200 later. I find three units fine for all the close up work I do but I'll probably pick up a 4th if one shows up at and attractive price or on sale somewhere.
  11. Two Flints

    Two Flints

    Oct 11, 2008
    MA & ME

    Any chance We could see a photo of your setup, camera with R1C1 and aux. lights?


    Two Flints
  12. I'll have to set it up as I don't tend to take images of my gear. Here is a 2 light setup from Luminous Landscape.

    Check out this YouTube video

    Using more than two SB-R200s is just a matter of attaching them and arranging them on the ring. Be patient and I'll try to post something in a few days.

    As a caution, older smaller AF lenses that physically change their length due to focusing or zooming may not have a motor robust enough to support the weight of an R1 system. The manual specifies the number of recommended SB-R200 units that can be used with a given Nikkor lens.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 21, 2009
  13. That was my question and the reason why I did not buy it for my Tamron 90 (55m dia. and it extends a lot).
  14. Alex -
    Perhaps you could post this question on some other photography sites and let's hope one of our members here will see this. Noone I shoot with uses the Tamron 90 (I don't think) so I probably would not have chance to try it.
  15. Two Flints

    Two Flints

    Oct 11, 2008
    MA & ME
    Thanks Mike,

    The links are very interesting. Appreciate your reply.

    Two Flints
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