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Please take me home with you

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by Randy, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. I am volunteering at the local Humane Society









  2. randy...
    the shots are great
    where do your shots go, after they are taken?
    some newspaper?
    online site?

    just wondering
    these are excellent
    i hope that you really helping them "move some product."
  3. thx Greg
    the pics will go their website and I will give each new owner a pic of their choice....this is so much fun and makes me feel so good helping out....they are amazed that pics can even look this good but considering this was the
    D3 + 85 1.4 it's what I'd expect. Most of these are
    ISO 3K+. The D3 is the most amazing piece of technology I have ever used.
  4. thanks for the reply
    the D3 is amazing, no doubt
    but..... having YOUR capable hands and mind to GUIDE IT... surely can't hurt :smile:
  5. thx Greg..

    when i got there this AM I had my 50 1.4, the 85 1.4, the cable for the flash and the su-800 for off camera flash

    after 3-4 shots with my daughter holding the sb-800 i said forget the flash and we'll go w/ auto iso....even pushing against ISO 6400 and underexposing a little I only needed some +ev in PP and we were in business
  6. Lovely! Heartbreaking, but lovely. :smile: How many days until you go home with more than your camera? :biggrin:
  7. well today was my 1st day and....

    this started when my daughter adopted the cutest little girl beagle I have ever met (I'm her granddad now) and my daughter asked me if I wanted to volunteer there and help them with their website (their advertizing pics are not too good). I was happy to help as I already shoot for the shriners, the nc zoo, and the local raptor center.

    so I saw another cool little beagle named Maggy May this morning and the wheels are turning so the answer might be 1 day....lol, I knew this was going to happen but I have no will power when faced with all these cute girls and boys behind bars and almost everyone of them saying 'please take me home with you' thru their eyes

    I hope my pics on their website says the same thing to everyone that sees them
  8. niknd501


    May 13, 2006
    Randy - you know I am a dog lover and while these photos are really good it just breaks my heart to see the look in thier eyes. They have no idea why they are in those cages. The eyes say to me " what did I do "...

    This reminds me to go and make a donation . . I would adopt another dog but I simply don't have the space. Kudo's to you for being such a nice person.

    One last thing - - go adopt that beagle in the morning.
  9. its killing me.:frown:
  10. thx Rod
    it had the same effect on me Rod...i am going to give these guys alot of my time and energy and get their website looking like the animal forum here so people get the same feeling from seeing the pics
  11. niknd501


    May 13, 2006
    All domestic animals need a safe and happy home. I completly understand if someone takes thier pet to the shelter because they can no longer care for them or other understandable situations but I can not , under no circumstances understand or tolorate anyone being cruel to an animal - period.

    There - - rant over.

    Does this look not scream of "Why am I here?"
  12. that was my fav shot for sure
  13. Yes, she's your grand-dog! :biggrin: :tongue: My parents had grand-dogs for years before I actually wanted kids. :tongue:
  14. Rod,

    Based on a few things, that is a very young dog, and I'd be willing to bet that the shelter is about all he knows in his short life. :frown:

    Yes, the view of pets as disposable in our society b/c they:

    a) Got too big
    b) Shed fur on my precious rug/furniture
    c) are too active (often said of puppies)

    just infuriates me. Puppies and dogs, like kids, require time and commitment. Training classes, rewards for good behavior, a watchful eye on youngsters........its not rocket science. But then, when I see how poorly so many children are raised (the TV is their babysitter), I shouldn't be surprised......just grandly sad. :frown:
  15. Geez, I wish I hadn't looked at these! Okay Randy, it's YOUR FAULT! I want all of them! Those beautiful eyes, expressions on their faces, perfect title to some beautiful pooches! Just wish the hubby would let us have one!

  16. OR...

    1. They don't MATCH the furniture
    2. Don't get along with the resident dog
    3. Breaks free from the fenced in yard, or bolts out the front door, and attacks a neighbor's dog and is then deemed "aggressive", because "what if it were a child???".

    Great captures, Rod.
    Professional quality pictures really DO help animals get adopted.
    A photographer took professional quality pics of the dogs at the shelter I adopted Ella from. I found Ella online and fell in love with her.

    Another good thing would be to get pictures of dogs in their foster homes doing what dogs do and showing how funny and cute they are.
    AND if the picture contains the dog interacting with a child, BAM! That helps a lot as well.:biggrin:
  17. Great shots Randy. Boy it would be hard to walk pass some of these sad eyes.
  18. No lie, a Rottie was in the rescue up here b/c "it didn't match the white rug." :confused:  :eek:  :mad:  What part of "BLACK FUR" did they not understand when they got the puppy?!?!?!?! Have you EVER seen a WHITE Rottweiler?! There are days when I truly despise people. :mad: 

    VERY very true! And if its one of the "bad breeds," pictures of that dog with a child will do wonders for getting it adopted out. Were I down there, I'd send Em along with you to model for the photo shoot. :smile:
  19. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    awwww.... look at those puppy eyes! That 2nd puppy is extra cute.
  20. thx everyone

    i did my 2nd shoot yesterday and they took them out of their runs but wouldn't take the leashes off....maybe next time
    some of them were very difficult to shoot since they were all over the place

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