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  1. People often bemoan the "high price" of PocketWizard products but they are the choice of professionals for good reason.

    Stoopid me left one of my PW Plus Transmitters on and the battery leaked, rendering the unit inoperative. It was long out of warranty but I sent it in anyway with a limit to what I would authorize for a repair.

    Well, today I got a box from them but my repaired unit wasn't in it. What was in it was a brand new PW PlusII Tranceiver and a 3-year warranty... $65! That's a $200 retail item.

    I guess some companies still understand the value of customer service.

    I'm impressed and letting everyone know what you can expect when you deal with them.
  2. Yup there is a reason PW's are industry standard, great service being one of them.

    The fact you got the new PLUS Ii TS was really nice of them.

    I wouldnt want to be without my sets.
  3. I have 2 myself and as I always say...they JUST WORK EVERYTIME!

    Great to know they have an awesome CS dept. A CS dept will make or break a company no matter how great a product you sell.

  4. jcovert

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    How did leaving the unit ON lead to battery leaking and then to the unit not working? Is there a limit to how long you can use one continously? (well, there must be but) how long is that? Did it get water on it or something?
  5. Great story Woody! I have always owned Oakley sunglasses for the very same reason. I break something, I send it in and they just replace. Or at least they used to... I haven't had to do this recently. Something to be said for this kind of customer service.
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    Feb 27, 2006
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    I totally concur. I had one transmitter die on me (just wouldn't power on) so I sent it in for repair. This was 14 months after the initial purchase from B&H. I was surprised to learn their standard warranty period is two years and they repaired the unit and got it back to me in under a week total time.

    I've since bought additional units for backup, but they are well worth the cost!

    Highly recommended.
  7. The unit was left on long enough to drain the batteries... at least two weeks. I do believe that batteries left in that condition will leak but I'm not sure and would like to get a verification.
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