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Point and shoot on par with D70

Discussion in 'Other Cool Gear, Camera Bags, Camera Straps' started by lowlight_junkie, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. lowlight_junkie


    Nov 28, 2005
    I am looking for a go anywhere point and shoot but it needs to be on par (IQ noise and resolution wise) with the D70 at the least. The interpolated files from my D70 just about pass QC with my stock agency and I need a more portable camera that will suffice to take to clubs etc.
    Anyone help me out?
  2. I'm in the same boat, except the stock agency part of it...stock agencies really don't give me the time of day ;) 

    Regardless, it came down to three:

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1

    Canon PowerShot S2 IS

    Nikon Coolpix S4...

    In that order, Nikon would be #1 if it had VR...I want a P&S for the versatility...
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Nikon CP8800 has VR 8mp.. Good camera from what I have seen.
    Will shoot raw.
    But you know any P&S will be slow :<(
  4. Seymore

    Seymore Guest

    Yep... this is so true. I still have a Sony F717, and I luv it even though it's slow on the rebound. Even @ 5mp there are some features of it that I like. The swivel body, and the fact that the Zeiss glass is fast (f2-2.4) is another added benefit. BTW, don't forget that ISO's above 400 on a P&S will not compare to any dSLR.

    BTW, let us know what you end up going with lowlight...
  5. equetefue


    Sep 29, 2005
    Kissimmee, FL
    I love my sony H1
  6. What about a Ricoh GR digital? small, 8mp, DNG files and the 28mm f2.4 lens is apparantly very good. Not as good at high ISO as the D70, but then no small sensor camera is.
  7. I've tried all of those, and the only one that comes close is the Fuji F10 and F11. I'm gonna be shot for this, but I think at low ISO (up to 400?) it's on par and perhaps slightly better than the D70 resolution-wise. Must besomething to do with the superCCD sensor. The F11 adds aperture and shutter priority, much faster AF, better LCD and is probably about a stop cleaner. I have the F10, and just got the F11 for my brother's xmas present (hope he doesn't read this forum!)

  8. The F11 isn't available here in the US from what i can tell...but I will be looking out for it based on your recommendation...
  9. DoorMan

    DoorMan Guest

    I gave my wife an F10 for Christmas. It is a good small low noise camera. The important thing is that she really likes it.


  10. Some sample shots:

    Fuji F10, iso 100




  11. Vandyu


    May 14, 2005
    Richmond, VA
    Like many of you, I'm looking for something small, yet mighty, to carry. Went to a wedding yesterday and didn't take my D70s because I didn't want to fuss with the bulk. Also, didn't know the latest rage is all the family and friends firing away while the pro is trying to get his or her shots. I know the pro was frustrated and even asked the attendees to hold off for a while. Anyway, there are many times I want a smaller camera. Read Phil's report on the H1 Sony. I'm familiar with the Panny FZ5 (would really like to hold off for an FZ6, I think). The white paper from AAK on the Sony forum is very informative as was Phil's review on the Sony. Wish Nikon would introduce a similar camera for those of us who want a P&S that doesn't have the size and price tag of the 8800. Nikon either has its bulky 8800 or its more dimunitive models similar to a lot of other manufacturers. I just don't see a good competitor for the Panny FZ5, Canon S2 IS, or the Sony H1. I would prefer to stay with Nikon and CF.
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